Worship on Display

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Psalm 34:1 says: I will praise The Lord at all times. I will constantly speak His praises.


I love this scripture because it leaves me no wiggle room. It’s a declaration that, regardless of what happens today, I will continually give thanks to the Lord!

Recently as I was driving down the road, I began to ask myself questions. I began to ask myself some big questions in the parenting department.

What is something that I can do as a parent to influence a genuine passion and even hunger, for Jesus in the lives of my children?

What am I doing to cultivate a realization that a life without Christ is a hopeless one? That life with Christ is abundant and fulfilling?

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that simply living out these beliefs is all the proof that our kids need to see God on display. I believe that. But this line of thinking got me questioning how often I internalize my thanksgivings, my struggles, my hunger for God… When these things are vital life ingredients and grand opportunities to point my children to the Savior! Even in my internal struggles, where it’s appropriate, I can be deliberate about being transparent with my children.

“Guys. I’m having a difficult day. We just got some bad news, and I’m having trouble dealing with it. But I want to pause right now and ask The Lord for help with this. I want to honor Him, even though I’m struggling right now.”

The opposite of that, keeping the struggle to myself, might be okay, but if our kids don’t continually see an open display of where we’re running for strength, who we’re praising in the storm, how we’re living with joy…how can we expect this hidden faith to impact their lives.

While I strive to live this model…it was only when I was driving down the road, asking myself these hard questions, giving myself this self assessment, that I realized how often I keep my worship and my desperation, my thanksgivings and my hunger, to myself.

My kids need to see me gloriously broken at the foot of the cross. My kids need to see my hands raised in praise as we face another battle in the adoption world. My kids need to see me dancing with joy as I give thanks for a victory won.

Nothing will build more hypocritical children who live out a plastic religion, than a Sunday faith that is less than active the rest of the week. If our kids only see us raising our hands in congregational worship, yet living a hands-down, private daily walk…they likely will grow up and walk away from the faith we readily declare, yet don’t prioritize as the most important ingredient to every life difficulty and cause for rejoicing. It’s worship on display. It is thanking God for being who He is, for being in control, over and over.

This kind of living builds a recognition and a desire in our kids, for the Father. It also helps them to gain an awareness for God’s hand at work in daily living. They can see the answered prayers, because they saw us crying out on our knees in that financial crisis. They can see that God alone won that victory, when they were part of the praying for it, even though it seemed hopeless to others.

I watched worship on display as a child. I watched active faith, brokenness, and desperation for Jesus…and I knew right where to run when I found myself in a pit of rebellion and depression. I had seen lives restored and desperate situations resolved at the feet of the Savior, so I readily accepted that that was the only place I’d find the same restoration.

May we live out Worship on Display, today. May we invite our kids in on our worship over and over and over. May they raise their little growing hands right beside ours, to the living God, who has entrusted us with the huge responsibility of pointing them to His Son. And then they’ll learn to point their own children that direction. Worship on Display shows our own children, and ultimately, the world, where real life and peace is found. And isn’t that why we are here?