Winding Down and Winding Up!

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Due to all of the sickies our family has been passing around (AND ARE FINALLY COMING OUT OF!) over the last few months, we are playing a bit of catch-up in Math in our daily homeschooling. That’s going well, though, and I expect that we’ll still be finished with our Math and other subjects by the end of May, as planned.

It feels good to say that! We are all ready for a summer of swimming, catching lightening bugs- as we call them, harvesting and putting away fruit from our fruit trees, gardening, and mostly- hopefully growing our family by two more! We are trying our best to be patient as we wait to hear from Peru about whether we have been officially assigned two waiting children who are 10 and 11…I cannot wait to be able to share more about them! Our agency says we should hear back any time now from Peru, and most likely will before the end of this month. Each day I wait for a phone call and every time I hear my phone “ding” with an email notification, my stomach flips a little. I suppose it’s much like when parents who are expecting are waiting to find out whether they are having a boy or girl (or in our case, both!). It’s an exciting time and we cannot wait for the news! If we are officially assigned in the next couple of weeks we could very well be traveling in the next couple/ few months to Peru!! Wowza!

If we find out we are officially assigned these two children, I am highly considering switching up some things in our daily schooling these last couple of months! I love having the liberty to do that! If so, we will focus a lot on Spanish in these coming weeks. A friend of ours teaches High School Spanish and she has blessed us with tons of materials to help in teaching the kids more Spanish.

In the meantime, we are conquering those projects that I wanted to check off before we travel. We are sooo close to wrapping up the kitchen remodel. The rest of the counters have to be finished. We are cutting a window above the sink, and Danny has to build some shelves. Next I will tackle redoing Camila’s floors, which I have decided to paint, distress, and seal. After that- the only projects I’d like to tackle┬ábefore we go to Peru are some closet and attic organization that will make daily life a tad more simple with seven kids. I seriously feel like I am in the home stretch on those things too!


So that’s that! We are winding down our homeschool year and we are winding up in big hopes that we will soon be on our way to Peru to meet our new children! I cannot tell you how excited it makes me to say that! God is so faithful!