Why You Should Sign Up For Thanks-A-Latte 2015

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I have to tell you about my friends. I’m convinced I have some of the best friends ever and I want to tell you about a couple of them.

Amber has been my best friend since 5th grade. We have been through so many things together. As teens we pulled some pretty nutso stunts and video’d our own talk shows and went around malls interviewing people on video camera. We would dress up in the scarf and accessory aisles at stores and walk around acting disoriented. That’s the sort of thing teens do when they don’t have any money and live to laugh.

one fest BFF road trip

(One Fest and Our cross-country road trip, in which we rode almost entirely in the back of a truck to Wyoming and back)

It’s downright strange how similar our life paths have been. Both of us have large families and very similar adult passions. But our most common thread has always been Jesus. And most recently, Amber and her husband Robby have been directed by God to adopt a precious little girl in Peru. As was in our story to adopt from Peru the first time, God woke Danny and I up with a dream and two and a half years later we were on our way to adopt our daughter in Iquitos, Peru. We had an incredible connection with this city and fell in love with the people there.

Adoption was totally off of Amber and Robby’s radar, when Danny and I began planning a mission trip to Iquitos last summer. Amber contacted me because she couldn’t get over the burden that she was supposed to go on the trip. In the coming weeks things began to come together for Amber and Robby as God confirmed to them in multiple ways that they were supposed to adopt, and from Peru. (Amber will be sharing this story here soon- which is nothing short of miraculous!) Shortly after stepping out in the direction to adopt, someone contacted them about a specific little girl with down syndrome who they happened to be advocating for in Peru. They thought that was a little strange, but had not thought they would be adopting a child with down syndrome at the time. Then some very, very “God” things took place, and they began to realize that God was directing them to this special little girl.

When Amber sent me a photo of this sweet child, I was awestruck with how similar the background looked to the referral photo we had of our daughter Camila. I told her, “Wow, this looks strangely like the orphanage our Camila was at in Iquitos.” Amber inquired for further information and sure enough, this little girl who they were now sure was to be their daughter (out of every orphanage in Peru) was at the exact orphanage our Camila had spent the first three years of her life. And not only that, Amber had already signed up to go on a mission trip to this exact city, without knowing any of this! Only God.

anaconda with amber amber and calley in peru

(In Iquitos last summer)

We had an incredible time on the trip and God arranged it that Amber was able to spend a couple of hours with her daughter-to-be! That was incredible.

Amber and Robby are now nearing the end of their process and they still have some money to raise to bring their daughter home.

You can follow their adoption process HERE.

Now let me introduce you to one of my greatest friends, Denae. Denae and I have been friends for about 7 years now! We also share so many similar interests, along with serving in ministry together. Because of so many similar passions, we now also share a business together- THE HANDMAID WORKSHOP.

10404154_10203380701097599_4888379525481723466_n THW-Logo

Last year Denae headed up the first ever fall coffee swap on instagram called THANKS-A-LATTE. If you’re not familiar with a swap, you sign up to send a mug and some coffee (and anything else you’d like to send) to an assigned partner in another part of the country, and then another person will send you the same type goodies. It’s a ton of fun!  It was a huge hit and she is now holding this swap again- but with a cause! (Denae also happened to be on this trip to Iquitos where she and Amber got to know one another.) Denae decided to host the swap again this year but charge a small amount, $5, for sign-ups, which will ALL go to help bring the Barriers new blessing home.

thanks a latte

This swap has the potential to completely finish out the Barrier Family’s fundraising needs to bring their daughter home. I cannot tell you how impactful it has been in both of our adoption processes for others to rally around us and help us get our children home. It’s what the body of Christ is all about! Not only has our family been changed FOREVER by this kind of giving, but so have three children’s lives, who otherwise may have never known what it would’ve been like to have a family. When I say their course has been completely altered, I mean it wholeheartedly. It would not have been possible without the support of the Body of Christ.

So if you have $5 to spare and would like to receive a sweet package in the mail from somewhere in the USA this fall, please go HERE and sign up for THANKS-A-LATTE 2015! You will be so glad you did!!