Who Will Fight?

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Yesterday we went to the psychologist to be evaluated. All of the kids had to be assessed by the psychologist and then Danny and I had to go back to be assessed. Everything went  SUPER. The psychologist is writing up a favorable report for our family! Thanks for the prayers, pals!

We are seeking approval to adopt up to two children, ages 0-16, with or without special needs. We are praying for and hoping to pursue two waiting children in Peru ages 9 and 13.  But as we learned in our first process, it’s always better to receive a broad approval knowing that many things can happen during the adoption process. The psychologist was confident to write his report in favor of this. So was our social worker.

Yesterday, though, during our day out of town at the psychologist, I received a call from our agency. They have concerns about our family adopting a child older than 12 years old. There will be a meeting next week with the man over international adoptions with our agency and they’ll review all of the information about our family to come to a decision.

The thing is, these two kids who are waiting and have been waiting aren’t two nobodies. We have faces. We have names. We know their interests and even our children are praying for them daily. The sad truth is this. If we aren’t allowed to take a “risk” on these kids, statistically, no one will. Older child adoption is not the popular route to take. More often than not these kids age out of the system without ever finding a family. Ever.

The reason I say “risk” above, is because we are having to sign various risk statements knowing that  our entire adoption process could be risked by us sticking our necks out there and requesting these kids in Peru.  We  undoubtedly want God’s perfect plan for our family- and we know  God loves to do huge, impossible things to bring about redemption.

Please join me in prayer about this meeting. We are asking for an exception to be made for our family. God can do this. Please join us in prayer.



If we don’t fight for these kids, who will? We are trusting the Father to the Fatherless  is fighting for these beautiful children. Victory is in His hands!

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  1. Becky Ryder

    Xoxo, praying for you! Stepping out in faith is hard. Fight for them until God say otherwise is my belief:) We had to sign all sorts of forms as well to get our two boys. I’m standing with you!!

  2. Praying that you will receive approval! This child is 13 and 13 is a very impressionable age that needs parent/family guidance and advice and love! ONE year older than the “magical” 12 years old. Why is 12 the age anyway? Why be concerned if older than 12? More than that, why so concerned about a 13 year old as an addition to your family? Praying that they become unconcerned–quickly! Praying that their eyes are opened to the huge benefits that this 13 year old will receive by being blessed to become part of your family!

  3. Calley Reed

    Thank you so much! I’m not sure what the difference in one year is- but they’re thinking in relation to our current children. We really appreciate the prayers!!