When Behind the Scenes Becomes Center Stage

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While walking through a difficult journey, it’s rare that you get many details about how God is working behind the scenes. And maybe that is a way our faith grows through hard times when we have God’s promises and lead to cling to and no background information to confirm to us that standing in faith is doing way more than impacting our own situation. Something transforming happens during those seasons, no doubt. I was so taken back by something that happened last week and I just have to share with you about a message I received from someone. I really still cannot get over it.

This sweet lady reached out to me and wrote (I edited out a little info for their privacy):

Hi Calley,
My husband and I just adopted our daughters (ages 11 & (?) from Arequipa in May of this year. I’ve been following your blog since you adopted Carlos and Yamilet because we knew we’d be going through some of the same changes in our family.
About 2 weeks ago I was sitting with the girls on a Saturday morning and they started telling me about their friends at the orphanage in Arequipa and they mentioned Yamilet and Carlos. I asked them to repeat the names and when they said them again I realized they must’ve been at the same orphanage together! I asked them what they remembered about Carlos and Yamilet and they said that Carlos was so sweet and our youngest said that Yamilet would poke her in the side and when she turned around she would tell her it was a fly.  So, I pulled up your website and showed them their pictures and they got super excited. Apparently when they saw Carlos and Yamilet get a new Mom and Dad our girls started asking questions at the orphanage about what they needed to do to get a new Mom and Dad. On our side, my husband and I were approved to adopt a sibling group between the ages of 3-6 but when I read your blog I told my husband that I felt like God was calling us to adopt older children. So, your adoption story impacted our daughters in a way that led them to become eligible for adoption, and it impacted my husband and I in a way that led us to update our paperwork to request older children. Looking back at how God orchestrated all of that is just amazing!

When I read this message, I wept and wept and wept.

Wow, God. Wow. I am so amazed at the hands of my Father, which move across nations and on the hearts of people. I am so amazed that someone would read here and God would use all of the trials in our last adoption process, all of the tears and then the joy at the end, to move on someone’s heart to adopt older children. And then, the miracle just didn’t stop there. When we went to adopt Yamilet and Carlos, these girls saw what it was like for some friends in their home to receive a mom and dad and they really longed for the same. Apparently they began to inquire with the orphanage workers about what needed to be done so that they could be adopted. And these two situations, a world apart from one another, were miraculously brought together unbeknownst to us.

Little gifts like this story help open my eyes to so many things. God certainly does not waste any pain. He causes all things to work for the good of those who love Him and are the called according to His purpose. He is constantly on the move in mighty ways using each step of surrender and obedience that you and I offer at His feet to do things so beyond our greatest imagination. What an honor. What a privilege.