What’s Going On?

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Oh me goodness, where did this month go?! I can hardly believe that we are now only six days away from the end of April!! This month has been full of a lot of love and a lot of fun! You know what they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun!” I can say, that April has been a lot of fun for our family in our church and in our community.

So what’s going on right now? For our family, we are poised on the edges of our seats, waiting with hope to hear from Peru that we are finally matched. A couple of weeks ago the adoption authorities in Peru asked us a few questions that we had to answer via a report from our social worker and a letter from us. It was incredible how fast our social worker got to work on helping us and how fast we were able to get the documents emailed and even apostilled (a seal that is required for our adoption documents) and mailed to our agency. I was amazed by that! So we are waiting to find out whether we got the documents to Peru fast enough to have them reviewed by the adoption authorities before this month’s consejo (matching meeting). We wait with much hope and expectancy that we will soon hear good news from Peru that we are matched. If we are matched this month we could be traveling to Peru very soon!!

In the meantime, we are still checking off our to-do list around the home front. Danny is working to finish up the kitchen, which we hope to have totally done in the next couple of weeks. After I get the back porch cleaned off, I can officially say we are done with all of the projects we’d hoped to complete pre-Peru. We better hurry up and leave before I find some more things for Danny to work on!! 🙂

We are actually almost done with our 2014-2015 school year! Josiah has math to finish, but everyone else is pretty much through for the year excluding reading/journaling, which I make the kids do almost year-around. We will start on a major Spanish crash course (is that possible?) on Monday and focus on that for the remainder of the year, until travel time.

We have been working on the getting the yard, garden, and swimming pool back in shape to enjoy for the spring and summer. Everyone is excited about getting to take a swim soon!

Everything is going well here! We are living life and waiting excitedly to hear from Peru!