What We Know- Adoption Update

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Friday afternoon we received some unexpected news from our agency. A Peruvian family apparently wants to pursue and adopt the two children we have been pursuing for ten months. We only know that the authority over adoptions contacted the orphanage where the two kids we have already counted ours in our hearts, live- and told them this news.

Immediately our attorneys in Peru wanted to know where our dossier is. They want to be able to show the authority over adoptions that we are so close to being ready and that we have been trying to get to them as quickly as we can.

I find it spiritually “ironic” that about one week before our dossier is to arrive in Peru, a family comes forward to adopt the two children who have not been noticed by anyone for four years, where they have been sitting on a list praying for a family. I find it spiritually “ironic” that only three weeks ago the authority over adoptions said for the second time she would place the children in our family, and only a few weeks later, they suddenly are stating that another family wants to pursue them.

Our papers would have been to Peru at least a week ago, had our blood work not stalled us. Either way, God is not surprised and He knew this was coming. We got this news yesterday at lunch-time, and our kids had already had their medical exams (the last missing pieces of our dossier) scheduled for that afternoon. Danny and I had our appointment set for late on the following Monday. We knew immediately that we needed to rush and attempt to get in on that same day-Friday. We also knew that that would take a miracle. I prayed for God to bring a cancellation to the office so we could get in right after lunch. I called our doctor’s office, and miraculously, they’d just had a cancellation. We rushed to our visit. We rushed the kids to theirs. We now have all of the pieces to our dossier and we will drive them to Baton Rouge ourselves on Monday morning to have the final seal put on them, before they are over-nighted to our agency, checked there, then mailed to Peru. I am praying fervently that they will be in Peru before the end of next week. Please pray with me.

Several people have asked me how I feel after getting this news. I feel much the same as I did the day our former agency told us they would not represent us to pursue Ellie and Micheal, because they felt they were too old for our family. I’ll never forget the three way call that took place between Danny, our previous agency, and me. We were basically told they would not represent us in the pursuit of these two kids, and Danny’s words will ring in my heart forever.

“Sir, we’ve been learning a lot about Nehemiah lately. In his work of rebuilding the wall, he faced opposition. When he was opposed, scripture says that because he knew he was doing a great work of God, he also knew that he had to work with even further enthusiasm in the face of opposition. And sir, that’s how we feel about these two kids. We must fight for them with even further enthusiasm.”

At that point, our former agency basically said, “This is where we step off, then.”

As the phone call ended- this completely unnatural peace flooded my heart. It made no sense. I had every earthly reason to feel overwhelmed, confused, and upset, in the unknowing of how it would even be possible for us to move forward to adopt Ellie and Micheal without an agency to represent us. But that peace was way more alive than the unknown. God would do something, we were sure of that.

Within a week we had a new agency advocating for us. That agency knew Ellie and Micheal well, and they were closely acquainted with them. We were sent videos and photos of them. Our love for them grew.

Those changes cost us about 3 extra months of delays and a loss of about $3,500. God reassured us that the time and money belonged to Him and we should keep stepping forward for Ellie and Micheal, the two lovely children who no one was fighting for. We had already counted them in our family months before. We had been preparing them bedrooms, and preparing ourselves to bring them home.

So I feel the same now. It makes no sense. I cannot understand it. But I know God is in control. We know nothing about the other family, other than they have just come forward in the last few weeks.

I refuse to be like the ten spies in the book of Numbers who went in and got a view of the land of milk and honey God had promised them, yet came back only seeing giants who they viewed as undefeatable. Only Joshua and Caleb had the faith to know that God was with them and He would surely do all He said He would do. Those ten spies and all of their unbelief kept an entire nation in doubt and they all died in the wilderness without inheriting the promised land God had desired to give them. Only Joshua and Caleb, who chose to see beyond the giants, were able to inherit all that God had promised.

I refuse to see any giants. I have seen the faces of these two precious children in person. I have hugged them, and I love them already. I want the best for anyone adopting, and I want the best for Ellie and Micheal. But we would not have pursued or fought for them for nearly a year now, did we not believe they were to be our children. That would have been foolish. We will not stop believing now.

Don’t ask me about the odds. They are not in our favor. The one thing every family is told when they decide to adopt from Peru, is that, in the event that a Peruvian family decides to request a child or children when another family of a different nationality does, Peru always places the children with other Peruvians first. They also prefer not to place children out of birth order- and they also prefer that the families be small. The odds are not important for my faith right now.

This is what we know. Our God is able. Our God is faithful. We will not give up on Ellie and Micheal. I believe it is no coincidence that this was the scripture I felt I should hang on the wall only two days ago…

Numbers 23:18
God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?

scripture on wall

I for one, believe God still speaks, moves, and acts in the same supernatural ways He did in scripture. I will keep moving forward, believing He is writing this story the way that will bring Him the most glory. He is able. My God is able.

If you are praying with us, please pray:

1) That our dossier can be translated and on the desk of the adoption authority in a little over one week.

2) That our representatives will be able to go and advocate for our family before then.

3) That our dossier is flawless to the Peruvian authorities, and they find no reason to delay, or change what they had already said they would do.

4) That our faith will be unwavering.


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  1. To our amazing God be the glory in your unfolding story! (That totally rhymed. 😉 )

  2. Another mountain to watch God remove. Prayers and love always!