“What is Your Favorite Dream?”

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Sometimes God gives us just what we need, right when we need it; a little push, if you will, to confirm to us that we are following in the right direction. About two months ago my oldest daughter, Yamilet asked me a question and I almost had to pick my jaw up off of the floor.

We had decided to wait until we were almost ready to send our Letter of Intent documents to Ch*na before we officially told our Reedlings that we were beginning another adoption process. We had talked extensively about the fact that we would be adopting again and how we knew the Lord was directing us in that way- but we did not want them to be attached to any specific child or idea until we knew for sure.

Around three months ago we first viewed little Chapel’s file. Danny and I both were smitten but spent some weeks steadfastly asking God for direction. During this time of praying for Chapel, this conversation with Yamilet occurred. The two of us were straightening up a room in our house on a Friday afternoon, if I remember correctly. We like to do a one-over of the house before the weekend so we don’t have to spend all of Saturday cleaning. As we picked up, my mind was busy.

I was thinking of Chapel and how I wanted so much to discuss her with the kids. I was thinking about how I wanted them to know about her specifically and as I walked around the room I prayed for God to prepare all of our children’s hearts for the new sibling that God was directing us to. I knew then as much as I know now- we had not been home from Peru for a very long time before God began pricking our hearts to step out in faith to adopt again, and I wanted our kid’s hearts to be in tune with that calling completely. That is crucial in a family like ours. As my head was spinning with these thoughts, Yamilet stopped what she was doing and walked over to me.

She said in Spanish, “Mama, what is your favorite dream?”

At first I thought she wanted to know what my favorite all-time dream had been. But after a little further conversing she clarified. She wanted to know what my favorite life-dream was. As in, what I wanted to see more than anything else. I love this girl and her heart.

I paused for a minute because I wondered how in the world I could tie in what I had already been thinking and praying about while cleaning the room. I couldn’t figure out how to fully put that in there, so I told her my life-dream.

“That God would use our family as a light in the darkness. That God would use us in our area to declare His love. That all of my children would love Jesus, follow Him, and have a passion for Him.”

She continued with a huge smile. “Do you want to know my favorite dream?” She was excited to share. “Of course!” I said.

“My favorite dream is that my mama and daddy will adopt me another sister!”

To say I was speechless would be an under statement. To know that God had already planted the same dream in our oldest daughter’s heart before we even had discussed it brought such a peace to me. God doesn’t leave out any details, does He? He plants the dreams…He does the work. I sure love the way my Jesus moves. <3