Visa System Error?

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This morning we left our hotel and headed for the embassy for our consulate appointment. We turned in a packet of documents and had an interview. The people who work with adoptions there review the documents and then issue the visas necessary for leaving the country.

Unfortunately, we found out today that there is a system error going on and they have not been any Chinese visas issued yesterday or today (at least for adoption). This is really bad news. Because of this system error they are backed up in issuing the visas. Already many adoptive parents are having to change their flights. The Chinese adoption process is typically so seamless that you’re advised to go on and book your roundtrip tickets (unlike the Peruvian adoption process.) Chapel’s visa was supposed to be issued and picked up tomorrow afternoon. They were committed to working all night to try and get the visas issued but they aren’t able to do that apparently until the error is corrected in DC. If we do not have Chapel’s visa by tomorrow afternoon we will have to reschedule our flight home, and we couldn’t come home any sooner than Monday…or until the error is corrected. That’s because the US embassy is closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday and Friday. We are beyond ready to be home and certainly don’t want the price tag that comes from changing tickets and extra nights in the hotel.

Please join us in praying that the system error is corrected and we can get Chapel’s visa tomorrow. I’d also greatly appreciate prayer that Chapel will begin going to sleep a little easier. I think she has more sensory stimulation than ever before in her life and it’s like this chick doesn’t need sleep. Problem is, her mama does. :/ I’m praying that she will go to sleep easier tonight.


Thanks so much for praying and believing with us. <3