Two Beautiful Children

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Lots happened last week- and I’m not sure how to get it all down. This is it in a nutshell: We have had to step up to really advocate for these kids. We had been told no- that we could not pursue them. But we felt we had to keep advocating for them. Through a series of events, things are looking wonderful in our pursuit to bring these two beautiful children home. Please┬ápray for us to be able to speedily get our paperwork to CIS, as we are now 4 months in on a mere homestudy update. We have lost time in our efforts to get that upper age limit expanded.

We are working hard on our Spanish and we are preparing our home for these two specific kids. It’ll suffice to say, we are smitten!



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  1. You drink water. ­čśë

    What about “La mujer comes una manzana”? lol

    Been using that app too!

  2. *come

  3. I am a Spanish whiz!

  4. Calley Reed

    You go girl!! Oh yeah!