Trusting in the Middle of the Unknown

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Right now our dossier is in translation or in review in Ch*na. We are currently waiting to hear word that a Letter of Acceptance is on the way, although that could happen in a matter of days to up to two months. As soon as we receive the Letter of Acceptance we will file for the i800 with USCIS and typically can travel in about 6-8 weeks!!

Some amazing friends are throwing us a softball tournament next weekend to help us raise more adoption funds. We are so grateful! Another sweet friend threw us a Jamberry fundraiser and set up a Youcaring for us. It is amazing to have friends who rally around us in our call to adopt.

We found out last week that we were denied for one grant we’d applied for and we have yet to hear about another one. We are praying and trusting that God knows our need and He can do this anyway he wants to. We are currently somewhere around $16,000 away from financing our adoption. I had previously thought it would be less but then I realized one set of fees were excluding all of our flights. The pressure should really be on since we could potentially travel in 2-3 months. But for some reason I have an overwhelming peace right now.

It seems the only way we could possibly come up with that amount of money in such a short time is by selling our home that’s been on the market for 9 months now. And guess what? There is a prospective buyer looking as of yesterday! We have hope! There are lots of details that would have to line up for us to have what we need in time, if these people end up buying our home. Pretty quickly after we receive the LOA we will need to wire most of this money to Ch*na. Would their financing etc potentially be lined up in less than a month to a month and a half? If I dwell on the fact of all ahead I’d get fearful so I just keep going back to the fact that God knows. He can line up anything at all that He needs to and I just have to trust that.

For now I’m focusing all of my energy on getting things in our house complete before we add our sweet new addition to the mix. I’m working to get our school year planned out and really am very excited about what’s ahead this year.


And even amidst all of the financial demands of the adoption process this summer, God has enabled us to do some really fun things as a family. For instance, my mom and step dad blessed us with season passes to Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor for Christmas. We’ve been able to go twice and had hoped to use the passes once more before I go to China. It was looking like that wasn’t going to work out with all of the adoption demands and the fact that we are having to spend a good bit of money on school curriculum this year. Then my dad and step mom wanted to bless the kids to be able to go to a water park this summer. They gifted them with the money for the tickets, which happens to be almost exactly what we’d need for gas and a hotel to go back and use our season passes! So they were happy for us to use the funds for two days of fun at a water park/amusement park instead of just one! Amazing blessings! We’ll leave in 2 weeks for a fun getaway that we are all excited about.


On top of that, we’ve been able to renovate a large part of our old plantation on practically peanuts by doing the work ourselves and repurposing things we’ve taken out of one place, to repair other places. We have almost finished three rooms! Three large rooms with tall ceilings that we’ve stripped all the way down to the shiplap. We have the big front hall and two more rooms before we’ve finished the entire back of the house. The biggest job will be doing the floors in the hall and three rooms. It’s honestly pretty miraculous how much has been conquered and on next to nothing! Ha! ¬†Only God! He takes our small offerings and does such mighty things with them! I give Him the complete glory for that.

So in all of this, I know that Jesus is taking care of all of the details of everything. He is able! We continue to wait and trust!