This Adoption Process

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It hasn’t taken us long to realize that the adoption process from Ch*na is very, very different from Peru. When adopting a child who is part of a waiting list from Ch*na, the entire process can take 9-12 months. compared to approximately 2 years to complete the Peruvian process.

One thing that is very different about adopting from Ch*na is that you can be pre-approved to adopt a child who is waiting from the very beginning of your process, even before you undergo the home study (or home study update, as in our case). You have to submit a list of documents to Ch*na along with your request for a specific child. Some of these documents are medicals, a financial form, blood work and a TB skin test, a certificate verifying details about your income and property, and a few other things.

It usually takes anywhere from 5 days to a month to hear back about pre-approval. We heard back in around 2 weeks.

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Here my manly Dannly is getting his blood work done. What a mighty fine man… 😉

This is where we go from here:

  1. We will update our home study. Our awesome social worker will be using some of the documents we used to submit our letter of intent, along with the other FBI and criminal background checks we have to do. She is actually working on the home study update now to save us time. But she will do the final interview for the home study in our new home when we move. We are a tad on a crunched timeline because there is a rule with Ch*na that after you receive pre-approval you have only 6 months to get your dossier to them. This is so that they do not have kids waiting and waiting in orphanages. While 6 months seems like a long time, it’s actually very rushed. It normally takes about 3 months to complete a home study and about 3 months to complete the next step, CIS approval. Because of this rush, we are praying fervently we can get all of this done. Failure to submit your dossier in this timeline can result in losing you referral. But we trust God is leading us forward and will guard our steps.
  2. CIS approval is the next step. As soon as our home study update is finished we will already have the paperwork ready to go out. Waiting on this approval can take 30-90 days. While we have heard of others getting this done really quickly, it has taken us the full 90 days during both previous adoptions. Who knows this time?!
  3. As soon as we get CIS approval we will already have our dossier documents ready to go to Ch*na. We will send all of these and wait to hear back. It’s my very fuzzy understanding from this end that one can usually travel within 3-4 months of sending their dossier. Several other things take place during this time, as well.

Based on this timeline we could be ready to go to Ch*na sometime around October. We are praying daily for Chapel and for God to wrap His arms around her and prepare her for her new family.