Thinking of You

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I’m thinking of you more each day, little Chapel. Wondering how you are. My mind races to the orphanage with rows and rows of cribs with you there caught in the midst of it. I’m sure you’re used to the routine of things, there.

Maybe you long for a worker to pick you up during your day and spend a few minutes tickling and interacting with you. Maybe those moments are the treat of your life. You don’t even know that you have a mama in Louisiana desiring to carry you around all day long. A mama who wishes she could jump on a plane right now and bring you home forever.

When you cry for help or food or comfort, does someone pick you up? When you accomplish something new during a few moments of floor time, is there anyone there to notice and cheer for you? When you giggle…is there someone present who looks into your little black eyes and really soaks in and realizes what a precious treasure you are?

I look at the same photos over and over and over again and try my best to see inside. I try my best to figure out what your personality is like. I dream about what your interests will be and I wonder how you will respond when we first meet.

A piece of me is there with you in that orphanage, Chapel. I’m crying out for God to bring you home quickly. My prayer is that Jesus would hold you in His arms of perfect peace; that you’d feel His presence with you…that He’s preparing you for your family.

I’m thinking of you today and everyday, little Chapel. ¬†You are loved.