The Most of It

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Last night at about 7PM Danny, Leslie, and five of our Reedlings left on a taxi for the airport. It was very sad to say good-bye, but I feel good about knowing that they are getting to go home.

Josiah, Isaac, and Amaus handled being in Peru for 4 weeks very well. It wasn’t a leisure trip. They had to deal with all of the same chilling in an apartment and adjustments that we did, and they did very well. I’m proud of them for that. Camila and Salem really needed home. Camila hasn’t acted like herself for a couple of weeks, and I’m very happy that by tonight she will be in her own bed with all of her own things and her dogs to love on. Salem also, being a country-boy through and through, was very hungry for the ability to run in wide open space again, and I’m very excited that he will be in that realm any time now.

As for us, we are attempting to fill our days here with meeting friends and getting paperwork done. We applied for the new ID cards on Tuesday and we are praying we can get those in a miraculous speed! For adoption, we were told they take 3-5 days, but I am praying for 3! After that we can get passports, and then the visas, and then we can GO HOME! Passports are usually a one day process, and the visas are about a 2 day process.

As for today, I think we will go to Larco Marr and see the ocean a bit. We have some paperwork to fill out with our attorneys at 4PM, and then we are going to our friends’ Kat and Elmo’s apartment this evening for supper! We are really looking forward to that!

I know God has me here with Yamilet and Carlos, alone, for a reason. I want to fulfill this purpose here and be found rejoicing through it. And I’m certainly rejoicing that by tonight, after basically a month in Peru, at least five of my Reedlings are going to be at their home in Louisiana and tucked snug in their own beds. Soon, we will join them!