The Weeks of Waiting-An Update on Bringing Chapel Home

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Our 1800 was received at CIS about a week ago and we are currently waiting on approval! That usually comes pretty quick! After we receive CIS approval we will have a little more paperwork to work on during the month of October, but hopefully by the third week or towards the end of October, our Article 5 will be ready for pick-up! Travel approval typically comes within 7-10 days of the Article 5 being picked up- but has been running super fast for a little while now and people are getting travel approval in about 3 days!

With holidays involved, either of the above scenarios of the time for article 5 pick-up should put us traveling to meet Chapel on November 14 or November 21! I can hardly believe it!

There’s honestly a ton we have to pray through right now. We are finding ourselves learning to trust in whole new ways (God tends to stretch us like that…) We are praying that God will continue to prepare Chapel’s heart for her new family. We are asking God to prepare our kids for their new sister and the adjustments ahead. We are praying for God to help us have wisdom during the early days of adjusting and “cocooning” so that Chapel can learn what family and mom and dad are. We are praying for the final provisions and wisdom to know exactly what to do surrounding a lot of those details.( We’ve never been so close to traveling and been unsure about so many details that are out of our control- yet we’ve never been more confident of God’s faithfulness and hand in it all.)

I’m excited that a cake will be delivered to Chapel any day now and she will get that special treat in celebration of her second birthday. We will get photos of her with her cake! I’m stinking excited about that.

God’s got this. He’s working. We see it all around us. We are trusting Him to clarify to us the details and lead us as my mom and I spend October preparing to travel to China.