The Reset Button

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I can’t say enough about how incredible our family vacation out west was. It was like hitting a reset button in so many needed ways. We got to spend countless undivided moments together just soaking in one another and the amazing beauty that seemed to surround us everywhere we went.

My mind needed this reset; this time to sit and watch everything in slow motion rather than the speedy version I feel like we’ve been living in for a long time now.

I’m going to load some of our photos each day. Going through them has brought me close to tears. I’ll never forget this time we’ve had together and I could totally do a repeat of this trip in a couple of years and be a-okay with that.

Somewhere in New Mexico on the road to Zion National Park

A boy and his dog

Ooops…somebody forgot to zip his britches

King of the road 😉

Lee-Lee love <3

My scientist collecting his samples

whatever it was must’ve been good

to be continued…