The Mushy Brain of a Home-schooling Mama

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This year begins the ninth year of homeschooling for our family! I can hardly believe it! I began homeschooling Josiah when he was three years old. (Admittedly, I was a tad over-enthusiastic.) At that time it was just Josiah and a new baby Isaac, so as we begin this year of homeschooling six of our seven kids, I have had a lot of things swimming around upstairs.

We have never been against school. In fact, we have always been open to the fact that one day God might lead us to send our kids to traditional school, and that would be alright too. But as the years have gone by, we have continued homeschooling because that was what we felt certain God wanted of us. The last couple of years have definitely been more challenging than those early years. Each year I realize areas I need to change in order for our system to keep working.

This year, we prayed fervently about sending our four oldest children to a local small charter school. The main reason being, we were going to be hiring a Spanish speaking tutor to help us with Yamilet and Carlos to aid them in learning English and to help check their Spanish work, each week. But as we considered that option, we also realized that they would get that help in the regular school setting every day. We applied to the school and prayed for God to open the doors if that were His plan for us. All throughout the time we were waiting to hear about whether our children were going to be able to attend this school, everywhere I turned I saw scriptures about the amazing and impossible things God does through ordinary people when they learn to operate in His strength.

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We waited and waited, and we finally heard back. It wasn’t possible for our kids to get into the school this year, and probably not next year. It was completely maxed out in attendance and there already was a huge waiting list. When we received the news,  I wasn’t saddened by that fact at all. I knew God was showing me that it was His intentions for me to continue homeschooling our kids. If God works overtime to show me that He wants to use His strength to work through me to do something that I consider outside of my own physical ability…then He certainly intends on holding up His end of the deal- which is giving me the ability to do what I cannot do in myself. His strength is made perfect in weakness.

All of that being said, I have spent the last few days in a non-stop hunt to get all of the resources I need to make this happen. That has meant a ton of time on the computer looking for some new curriculum aids, Spanish books, and all new Math books and workbooks for all of our children. My brain kind-of feels like mashed potatoes.

I am really praying for this to be an incredible year of spiritual and educational growth in the lives of my kids. We have some really, really full days ahead. My nature is very spontaneous, so I have to work pretty hard to stick to a schedule. This year we will be on a very consistent one to make happen what needs to happen. Josiah is going into 7th grade, Carlos is in 6th, Yamilet and Isaac are in 5th, Amaus is going to 2nd grade, and Camila will be doing a kindergarten curriculum.


I am excited to see each of our children blossom. Obedience is the best soil for that to happen. A person could not expect greater fruit in an area that is different than exactly where God calls them. For us, if God were to call us to send our children to a traditional school, that would be that place. But knowing that He has confirmed our steps and that homeschooling our children is where He wants to keep us right now, well that is a huge comfort to me. Because knowing where God wants me and wants our kids also ensures that that is the place that indefinitely will yield the greatest fruit in all of our lives, no matter the difficulty. Because of that, I truly expect nothing less than great growth in each of us. It’s going to be a great year!