The Miracles We’ve Seen- God is Alive!

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This weekend I had the privelige of speaking at a church about adoption. I got the opportunity to share about all of the amazing things we have seen The Lord do in our first adoption process and I also got to share about Jessica House. You can read more about Jessica House at Affter speaking at each service, I had several people come and share with me about things they had seen God do to bring about adoptions in their families and in the lives of their friends. Huge, impossible things.

It seems the more I get to know people who are pursuing adoption because they feel called there in some way, the more I see that most of these people are regular ol’ folks just like us, who are simply crazy enough to believe God can do huge things that are totally outside of their abilities. And the more I  hear and experience these testimonies, the more I understand how much adoption is the heart of the Father. His word says it- but it’s incredible to see how He will do the impossible to place children in families. He really will, y’all.

We are  experiencing some beautiful things in our second adoption process as well. Many things I’m not ready to share as of yet, but a few that I realized I had not shared- that I’d love to declare! They are just beautiful things that only God could do.

We had sensed for months that God was burdening us that we would soon be beginning another adoption process. The whens and the hows…well that was all up in the air. For months I had been praying a scripture that I knew that The Lord had given me about our family in several areas, but specifically regarding adoption.

“Look around you and see, for all your children will come back to you. As surely as I live,”  says the Lord, “they will be like jewels or bridal ornaments for you to display.

Even the most desolate parts of your abandoned land will soon be crowded with your people. Your enemies who enslaved you will be far away. 

The generations born in exile will return and say, ‘We need more room! It’s crowded here!’ 

And continued…

“…they will carry your little sons back to you in their arms; they will bring your daughters on their shoulders…” 

Isaiah 49: 18-22

I spent a lot of time praying and seeking wisdom on what direction God might have us go. At first we weren’t sure we’d adopt from Peru again! It is not the easiest country to adopt from. But the more Danny and I prayed, the more we realized that we just simply were not trusting God in this area. Undeniably, God had placed this burden for Peru, this love for the people within us. Peru was where our heart was, and as we prayed, we began to believe it was where we were to return again to adopt.

I went back and read the above scriptures over and over. I thought about them and believed them. One day I got a phone call from my best friend. She said, “I was praying for you today and God kept speaking Isaiah 60 to me. I believe it’s for you.”

She knew nothing of the scriptures I’d been standing on and praying myself. She knew nothing of the burden God had put inside of us. When she began to read Isaiah 60 to me, I couldn’t stop the tears!

“Look and see, for everyone is coming home! Your sons are coming from distant lands; your little daughters will be carried home. Your eyes will shine, and your heart will thrill with joy…”

We serve a big God who is active and alive, still speaking to and directing his people in blatant ways if we only believe him to. I cannot imagine serving a God who I didn’t believe still directed and spoke to his children. Don’t buy that lie. That was the mockery prophets in the Old Testament made of false gods and idols. They had eyes but couldn’t see, mouths but couldn’t speak, ears but couldn’t hear…the Living God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He has never replicated false gods and become silent. I find it odd that the church would attempt to win people to Jesus The Lord, who they claim to be alive yet claim he no longer speaks. Jesus said his sheep hear his voice and know him. I’m certainly still learning to discern the leading of the Holy Spirit…but The Lord is very alive and active, doing the impossible over and over again.

Another thing that happened shortly after the above story, was the way that The Lord led us to sell our previous home. It was another one of those things that God laid on our hearts. We knew we’d need more space to adopt again. At that time, we had no idea we’d be pursuing a sibling group, but God knew that. When the burden to begin our second process became obvious to us, we began praying about selling our home and buying a larger home. What we needed in a house was asking for a lot. We could use five bedrooms to divide up our kids in rooms, thinking ahead to placing new children in our family. We needed land for our cows. The Lord opened our eyes to a home that met these expectations, plus some. I had always dreamed of having an old house. This house was an old 102 year farm house with five bedrooms, three baths, 18 acres, and a swimming pool to boot.

We put our previous home up for sale. It was a double wide trailer. We were told by several people, including a realtor, that double wides simply weren’t selling. No one could get financing for them with the current financial climate. We were told we were wasting our time. We prayed anyway, although I secretly wondered if they were right.

We prayed, “Lord, if you are leading us to adopt again, please open the impossible doors in front of us. We ask you to please sell our current home by the end of the summer, if this is all your will and we are hearing you correctly that it’s time to adopt again.”

Our double wide- that one that would never sell, sold within one week of the last day of summer. We were able to purchase our new home, and began prepping it for a homestudy update immediately.

We’ve already seen the Lord provide the money for every fee we’ve faced, down to the penny, and deadlines, down to the date. Only The Lord.


I cannot wait to see what God does as He writes a whole new story in this second, impossible adoption process. Please pray for us. For ears to hear, faith to believe, and eyes to see his hands at work in everything. Please pray for our waiting children…that the process would move swiftly and smoothly, and there would be provision for every need. We know He can do it!




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