Heirloom Nativity Set Craft

When I was a little girl, my Aunt Cindy brought a stack of craft supplies to a Christmas eve gathering and everyone in the family participated in making parts of the nativity. We ended up with the most amazing creation that was completely made by family. It has been something neat that my Aunt “Skeet” as we call her, keeps and sets up each year.

This year she decided to bring this fun craft to our house and do it with the Reedlings, so we could have our own special handmade nativity to keep through the years. Talk about fun! Feathers, pipe cleaners, fringe, pop-poms, ribbon, googly eyes…you name it. It all becomes beards and robes and unique characters.

image image


The finished project…or at least for this year!

christmas decor 2014 089

christmas decor 2014 101

Baby Jesus, made of a simple wooden block and some googly eyes…laying in a bed of easter egg grass. 🙂

christmas decor 2014 094

Mary, who was pretty dolled up for the occasion…

christmas decor 2014 093

The green-haired Joseph, who had to have felt under dressed for the event compared with the feather laden, Mary. He also happened to be half of her size! I love seeing what kids come up with!

christmas decor 2014 100 christmas decor 2014 099

Two special angels

christmas decor 2014 098

One happy rooster

christmas decor 2014 092

One king bringing gold…

christmas decor 2014 095

A small herd of psychedelic sheep…

christmas decor 2014 096 christmas decor 2014 097

Two shepherds who I could totally devote a day to making a comical skit with. I can almost hear the best accents for them!

This was a super craft to do with the kiddos, and it will certainly go down in the books as a very fun Christmas memory. I think we’ll make a few new pieces to add to it each year!