The God Who Provides!

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I cannot express how excited I am! Wow!

It’s a crazy thought that God would call His people to do things, yet not provide for them to do those things. Yet, that’s often how we view God, sadly. We may know of a dream that The Lord has placed in our hearts, yet we don’t believe that God will make a way for that thing to come to pass! That’s a contradiction in terms!

Our God provides! Check this out! Our family had just finished paying our first payment to our adoption agency. Getting started is a pretty big chunk of money up front. That’s to complete or update a home study, then the payments to an agency to advocate and work on your behalf. We had just finished paying these fees, excluding a reviewal fee that is required for our agency to review and sign off on our home study.

Friday our social worker emailed our home study to our agency. I received an email saying our agency had started to review it. Then I remembered, “We have to send on the reviewal fee now!” A couple of hours later I received an email notification from paypal. Someone had paypalled us six dollars more than the exact amount of the reviewal fee, on the exact day that it was needed, without the person having any knowledge whatsoever of anything.

And while we never expected anyone to give us this gift, we are already beyond floored at God’s obvious hand at work in confirming our steps in instances like this. Wow! I love my Jesus!

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  1. He is more than enough. Love that Guy. 😉

  2. Here we go again! Blessed to witness another Reed adoption with miracle after miracle. 🙂

  3. God is super cool like that. 🙂

  4. Let go and let God thats amazing