The Beauty of Being Naive (And a few Pitfalls)

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Many a day, I’ve been called naive. It’s true, I’m not hard to convince. I wake up most mornings really believing I’m going to complete about 3,000 things and am no less puzzled at bedtime when most of those things just didn’t get accomplished. The fluff of the less important tasks that are left undone, the chaff of things that don’t matter, left to stack up on another day’s to-do list.

I read the other day that the Foo Fighters were switching over to sing Christian gospel, and I proclaimed, “Rock on!” The Foo Fighters, redeemed?! Yes indeed. I quickly shared the link that had come up in my feed, which had been shared by none other than The David Crowder Band, anticipating the release of this new album. A friend quickly told me it was a hoax, and I was left slightly embarrassed. I suppose the pope being quoted in the article as saying he was a huge Foo Fighters fan should have been a dead giveaway. But in my typical optimistic thinking, I thought, “It’s possible!”

This isn’t the first time I’ve been tricked by believing someone’s intentions were pure, when perhaps they were not. This isn’t the first time I’ve believed a little hogwash in hopes that truth and life were shining out in a dark and depraved world.

I’ve thought this over. I’ve considered and I’ve learned some lessons through being naive. Maybe to err in the side of wisdom a little more, is one life lesson. But because of the impossible that I have seen. I refuse to bid farewell to believing for it. I refuse.

Believing and hoping for the best in others is part of love. You can give me the stats all day long about older child adoption, the downfalls of raising large families with children that follow The Lord, the rarity of self published books being a success, the impossibilities of raising $35,000 to complete an adoption, and I assure you, I’ll remain unconvinced. I may appear naive, but by golly, I’m going to keep believing the God who writes impossible redemption over every hopeless case where He is given the reigns. He really does do this stuff, y’all.

Maybe it’s because I was a hopeless case. If others could look at who I was 15 years ago, my attitude, my goals, my life…I would be unrecognizable. Jesus took a broken and impossible case…me, and wrote his unconditional love over it. I have never been the same.

I’ve seen him do this time and time again. Following Jesus has been experiencing Him lead me, my husband and I, and now our family, from one impossibility to the next. Every time He is faithful and YES, we have seen Him do miraculous things. According to His Word, it appears God finds delight in taking every least likely case and using that person or circumstance for His glory!

So call me naive, if you will. I will keep believing that The Lord will do all He says he will do! I will keep on trusting that He’ll use this broken and mended vessel to let His impossibilities flow through, all for His glory!!

And if you saw that post about an Elvis sighting in Jamaica before I deleted it, well eh, ahem…kindly overlook it, please! (totally kidding!)