The Beautiful Body of Christ

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I don’t know what people do without the church. I really don’t. Since I came to know Jesus, I have found such life, healing, community and hope through the beautiful Body of Christ.

I can remember being a new believer and being desperate to grow. I’d spend hour after hour hanging out late into the night with my youth pastor and his wife asking questions and being with those who loved Jesus as much as I did. I didn’t give a second thought to the fact that my youth pastor had a job to go to the next day, but I’m so grateful for that time he and his wife really helped me get grounded in my faith.

Life has continued, and the beauty of the church continues to amaze me. Wherever we go locally and in differing parts of the world- we have been connected with people who have the very spirit of Christ inside of them. We find that same unity and joy as we commune together.

Last week Danny, Josiah, Yamilet, Cedar and I took a trip to go see our son Carlos. We had only been in Sacramento for about an hour when we were robbed. We walked into a fast food joint to grab something to eat and when we walked out the back glass of our rental had been broken and literally all of our stuff had been taken. Important documents, my journal, and Danny’s well-used bible, all of our clothes, passports, money, my MacBook and beats, wallet and all the cards. Phew. Danny did have his wallet and we both had our phones.

It was such a strange feeling. We all just kind’ve stood there dumbfounded. There were a whole series of events that followed but we went to bed at a hotel at around 4am in the clothes we’d left our house in the morning before, and had nothing else.  We had no idea what we were going to do.

By the time our eyes popped open only a couple hours later, our inbox and phones were flooded with calls and messages. So many people, people who are united with us in the Body of Christ, were seeing how they could help us in any way. Whether that be overnighting us documents we needed to fly home or any need whatsoever.

We sat down to a late breakfast and all we could do is weep. We couldn’t have felt more loved, prayed for or supported. And the crazy part is this is normal for this thing called the church.

We were able to pick right up where we left off on our trip, almost as if nothing had ever happened. We had a great visit with our son, who is doing very well and making good progress in the program he’s in.

For those who reached out to us to pray for us and encourage us, thank you so much.