Thankful For the Medi-Van

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You guys remember the Reed Rocket? Our sweet baby of a van…the old 95′ Dodge, retired church van that we painted like a a VW van that hauled our crew everywhere? Well as you may know, the transmission went out on the Reed Rocket again, so in the last six months we were so grateful to be able to get a new van that is a lot more dependable.

We had yet to come up with a name for our new van, but lately I am thinking I’ve come up with one. Maybe, The Medi Van…yes, that would be quite fitting.

Gosh y’all. It is downright insane the number of medical appointments we have going on on a week to week basis lately.

Today Isaac is joining his brother in the brace race, and we will have two Reedlings with braces-laden teeth. We drive an hour and a half one way out of town for those visits because of the serious difference in price for braces compared to all of our local options.

Chapel, who was just blessed to have her cochlear implant activated, has had an appointment nearly every week or two to have her device fine-tuned, and we begin weekly or bi-weekly speech therapy that is specific to kids with cochlear implants next week. This therapy is only available at one place offered in our state- which is two hours out of town in the opposite direction of the orthodontist. haha!

This is in addition to the hour and a half we drive round trip each week to bring our other daughter Camila to an incredible speech therapist that is 45 minutes away from us.

I will now be seeing my midwife every two weeks or so and then after that, weekly as I get closer to the end of this pregnancy. She is an hour and a half one way in a different direction from either of the other out-of-town appointments. I may need to see a chiropractor some in this pregnancy but thankfully that will be in the same town as my midwife.

As if two to three out of town appointments each week weren’t crazy enough, last week Amaus decided to climb the big magnolia tree in our yard to “build something” and he fell and had a bad break to two bones in his forearm. He was transported two hours out of town (in another direction) to a children’s hospital where all of our follow up appointments will be. He goes back Monday to make sure the bones haven’t shifted inside of his new cast (which would mean surgery.) Amazingly, that fell on the same day of Chapel’s first speech therapy two hours of town in the opposite direction.

All of these things fall during the business day (including driving our crew to and from school which also falls during the business day) and then in the evenings the real crazy begins! Monday and Wednesday are ballet for Yami, Tuesday and Thursday are Karate for Isaac and Thursday is also piano for our whole crew…after homework and some cleaning up. hahaha!

Okay, so maybe just calling our vehicle the Looney Van would be more appropriate. Seriously though, good thing I like to stay busy and go! I’m grateful to have a dependable vehicle since we are on the road so much…with the people I love so much…getting them the things they need and enjoy! It’s a fun and crazy life! But that’s not to say that I’m not looking forward to summer when a lot of the extra stuff will be over for a bit. Phew…