So Many Things

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There have been some big changes on our homefront over the last few weeks. Really, really big for us. This week our 5 oldest Reedlings enrolled in school. This decision came after much prayer and contemplation on how to best help all of our kids succeed.

Our family is a pretty diverse crew with pretty diverse needs. It had come to the place where about 4 of our kids needed almost constant one on one help to complete their daily work. And since I am not omnipresent, I wasn’t able to make that happen. Ideally, in homeschooling and how we’ve always made it work, is some kids can work on individual work when I do one on one work with some and then swap that around. But with language and need barriers thrown into the mix, it had come to the place of an impossible amount of constant one on one need for completing school work. Danny had to encourage and make this call because it was just too tough for me.

We’ve always prayed and asked God for wisdom and direction in this area. We’ve always felt like homeschooling was what we were supposed to do but were open to school if God so directed us that way in the future. We will continue to be open for God’s direction for our kids, even if it is to change gears again, if the need arises. So far, this week has gone well and I am praying fervently for God to use our kids for His glory. Thank you to those who have been praying for our kids during this major transition for them.

I received an update today about our process. It’s looking like, based on how fast people are getting travel approval, that I will be traveling to Ch*na  within a few days of November 14!! That’s only a little more than three weeks away!! I’m sort of in a daze about it- and it hasn’t quite soaked in yet. I mean, whoa….three weeks?! I just can’t wrap my brain around that! I think it’s because so much has transpired and changed in the last couple of weeks and my brain is still recovering from the changes. I’m amazed at God’s hands at work and praying daily for Chapel and for our early days of transitioning. I am seriously in awe that I will soon be meeting our daughter.

Our Article 5 will be picked up on Tuesday and brought to the appropriate authorities who issue travel approval. That has typically been coming in about a week. We travel 2 weeks after travel approval!!

So many things happening and moving and changing- and I am reminded that God’s grace is sufficient for each and every change and adjustment. He is with us- and there is nothing that can compare with the peace that He gives. I know He will continue to direct us in the middle of all of the changes during the coming weeks.