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We kicked off our official homeschooling year on Monday!


So far, things are going well! We always have to work out some lazy habits that have┬ádeveloped over the summer- but other than that- we are rolling along. I’ve finally found a few resources that really seem to capture areas where I’ve wanted to polish up some skills! I plan to share a few of those in the coming weeks.

It appears that the days of us finishing our schooling day by noon are long gone! We kick off the day about 8:30am and we aren’t wrapping it up until around 3:30pm. Once we are more used to what’s required each day we may get a little more efficient.


Taking a little recess to walk down our road and check the mail…


I’m amazed at the progress I see in Camila since last year! I really believe she’ll be sounding out simple words by the end of the year! She knows many of her letter sounds and most of the letter names. She adores being read to almost more than anything and will sit as I read book after book to her. I have a goal of reading at least five stories to her daily. I truly believe in a love for reading being the foundation of all learning. I want all of my children to know the joys of reading!

Good sttuff is happening. We are refining our schedule and working out the kinks- but all in all, we are having a fun first week back to school!