Restful Day in Nanning

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(None of my pics will load tonight so I’ll try again tomorrow.)

Last night we totally crashed at about 8PM, and I mean crashed. At about 5 AM we couldn’t sleep anymore and so we got up and went downstairs searching for breakfast and coffee.


We ate the hotel breakfast which was AMAZING. There were dozens of donuts and pastries and croissants to choose from along with delicious meats and rice and noodles. We ate our weight in carbohydrates  until we were satisfied. We decided that should probably be our meal of the day! Ha!

We came back up to our room and chilled for a while while we waited on the stores and wal-mart to open- which are connected to our hotel! So convenient!

We walked around and shopped in the mall. Honestly, I’m kind of a side show freak here so we get lots of stares and reactions (we’ve maybe seen 2 or 3 other Caucasian people in 2 days), but I’m not sure if it’s the fact that we are a different race or the fact that I’m seemingly at least a foot taller than most people we see. Either way everyone is very friendly. Really, super sweet. I already see such a beautiful people in this culture who I hope to get to know on a deeper level.

We went down to wal mart which was very different from our wal-marts back at home. After a good bit of wandering we finally found some water and other things that we were looking for to have in our room. Other than that, we’ve kind of taken it easy today; which was a good thing.

Tomorrow is the big day!! I will meet Chapel tomorrow afternoon! I’m full of so many emotions tonight and thankfully there’s grace enough for them all. I’m full of wonder and nervousness and excitement! Oh my goodness! Tomorrow is THE DAY!