Rejoicing in the Unknowns of Adoption

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 At  the end of last week we received notice that we had I800a approval.  That was huge- but no sooner had the day rolled on before we got a notice from our adoption agency. The address on the approval was not the same as the address in our homestudy. Oh no! I may or may not have temporarily freaked out because the possibilities were on the table that we might have to redo several things  in order that the addresses match. (It is a little bit complicated but we receive mail at one address and our house number is another).

 I waited all day the next day for an email letting me know what we were going to have to do to correct this error. As you know, we are on a steep timeline to get our dossier to Ch*na by the end of July.  All of our dossier documents have received the correct authenticications except this i800a approval.  So, finally by the end of the day I received a notice letting me know that the CIS officer was simply going to change the address on the approval. I can’t say what a relief that was!

We have seen the Lord provide right around $1200 towards our adoption process over the last week! That has been a huge blessing.


We have continually been praying for our home to sell which would solve a lot of our present adoption expense needs.

It is a neat blessing to know other people walking through the adoption process because there is always an inside joke. Begin the adoption process and just about everything you own will begin to break; and right at the time that adoption expenses arise. This has truly been the name of the game for this process for our family. During this time we have had vehicle breakdowns several times, transmissions go out (2!), hot water heaters go out, washers and dryers break and other crazy unexpected things arise. All this on top of moving and having to figure out how to fix rooms for our Reedlings in a 120 year old plantation where there is a lot of serious work needing to be done. While this could be discouraging, I’m finding myself encouraged today. Only God would call us to this. Only God can make all of it come to pass. There’s bound to be some pretty huge things about to transpire because God knows we can only do these things by His hand alone!

We have been in prayer for provision during the last month because we knew after paying the last $4,000 in fees, if we received CIS approval quickly (we did! Only about 25 days!) that as soon as that approval came through we’d have an additional $4,000 due before our dossier could be sent on to Ch*na. Well those two payments totaling about $8,000 have fallen only about a month apart. I like to be transparent because I want Jesus to get all the glory for doing the work of bringing our kids home against all odds. I don’t mind being clear: only God can make things like this happen because we are in a phase of financial demands at every corner as we figure out how to keep up two houses until our previous home sells. God is SO faithful!

But somehow, it’s quite astounding how you and I can find great peace and even sweet expectancy in the middle of this unknown territory. God Himself delights in bringing the orphan into the family. We have seen Him move heaven and earth to part the impossible waters of huge amounts of money and mountains of bureaucracy because of how He delights in seeing a child thriving in a family. And we know-we know-we know…he is doing it again for baby Chapel.


So even this morning, my eyes are welling up with tears of joy and gratitude in the middle of these unknowns. Because I know my Jesus. And I know He is on the move on behalf of Chapel. Big things are happening and I can rest in His arms. What a Savior!