Reed Summer Adventure

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For about a year we have been planning a family road trip to Glacier National Park. I use the term planning quite loosely because mostly that’s meant us just saying we were going to go. Haha! I did begin calling all of the National Parks we wanted to visit some eight months ago in an attempt to reserve two camping sites side by side, something we need to accommodate the number of people in our family. Nothing was ever available or they didn’t allow that. I’m not sure which. I was advised to hope for the best; that there will be some of the walk-in group sites available when we arrive at each of the parks. Sounds a bit iffy to me, but we like to live on the edge, I suppose.

So here we are, a week and a half from leaving for a two week road-trip adventure with our Reedlings! Pa-paw and Leelee are possibly going with us. The Reed Rocket has had every possible thing replaced on it, so that makes this 95 Dodge Church Van practically new, right? We have new tires on the old Boy Scout trailer and we feel ready to roll. We are all pretty excited about making the journey north-west! We will drive to Roswell, NM to see my sister (and maybe some aliens) for a two nights and a day, and next we will head over to Zion National Park for a couple of days. Then we will make the trip north up to Glacier National Park, Montana.

(Not my photos)

We will stay at Glacier for 4-5 days and then go down to Yellowstone for a couple of days, drop in to Colorado and then make the final leg of our journey home. Something about going to the mountains excites me and has since I was a little girl. I absolutely LOVE road trips. Road tripping to CO and WY are some of my favorite memories from my childhood.

It’s been about 8 years since our family has taken a big road trip. Amaus was a baby the last time and that was when we went to Yosemite in California and only had a few Reedlings. Our family has changed quite a bit since then! Before that we did a road trip to Yellowstone with Josiah when he was a baby. Even though this isn’t our first long road trip, it will be our first with eight kids! I just feel slightly unprepared if I’m honest. The last year hasn’t afforded me much time for research and preparation. This trip is pretty much a, “throw your sleeping bag in the trailer and let’s go,” kind of trip. Sometimes those are the funnest though.

I promise to get at least a packing list together in the next few days. haha!