Real Information

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Goodness! I went back and read my last three adoption updates and realized they all started with, “There’s so much I want to share, but can’t.” Or, “I don’t know where to begin!”

Ha! All of that is true! And after this process is complete I will sure have some scoop (AKA amazing, miraculous testimonies) to share! It’s tricky with adoption because there are so many things that require discretion and privacy- yet so many HUGE things happening that we want to shout from the mountain tops. I’ll tell you what it is. It’s seeing a great big God, the Almighty, Creator of the Universe, come to the rescue for the fatherless, over and over and over. Even when people say it’s impossible. Even when the world cannot understand why a family with five young kids would adopt an older sibling group. Even when  all odds are against us,  we see time and time again, that God will go to the extreme to place the orphan in a family. Never have I beheld the hand of God so blatantly at work, as I have in the process of adoption. Never has my heart been more ripped to shreds as I find out the truth behind  walls and governments, behind agencies and fees. Waiting behind all of the bureaucracy we see two wonderful kids who deserve love and a family. It’s heart wrenching, to say the least.

We know God is moving mountains. We know he has this thing under control. We occupy our minds and our hands with trivial bedroom renovations and conversations about what life will be like when…

Until we can wrap our arms around two more blessings, and never let go. Don’t ask us how all of the money, all of the time, and all of this story will pan out. We don’t know. Please don’t ask us how we could be so crazy to adopt older children, or what all of this will be like. We are being obedient to the One writing this adventure, and we are thrilled to see it all unfold ourselves. God is worthy of our trust. We will follow Him.