Easing Into Spring

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I’m not doing so swell with these weekly blog posts as of lately. Life has been a little busy. Everything is going well- I just don’t have a lot of minutes to stop and reflect and then write. I’m working on being better about that.

My Reedlings are doing goodl. Isaac and Amaus started baseball and so we are excited about being able to watch them play soon! We haven’t had baseball players in the house in quite a few years so we are looking forward to cheering them on. Yamilet is getting ready for her spring ballet recital. She loves ballet and has done really well with it. I remember her asking me while we were still in Peru if she could take ballet and it was about a year later when she began. She had spring recital pictures made last week and she looked beautiful.

Everyone is eager for summer. We are all looking forward to swimming and playing and a lighter schedule. We are also looking forward to lots of family fun. We are taking a road trip to Glacier National park and will be hitting some other beautiful spots along the way and this summer might hold a couple of Six Flags weekends as well. Have I mentioned that family fun is my fave?!

Sometime around last October or November we halted on all of our home renovation projects because we were too stinking tired to keep going. We had stopped on our kitchen with floors ripped up and a room torn out, and now it’s time to start putting it all back together again. haha! We will begin finishing that project this upcoming weekend. We’ll finish out the cabinets, repair the ceiling and put down some new floors. We plan on having an island with the stove/oven built in. I’m pumped about having that space workable again. Part of the oven went out about six months ago and it has been a doozy getting things cooked well on both sides!

We also are hoping to get outside and do some more work on the outside of the house and in the yard. We have some foundational issues to tackle primarily and are going to put up a new pool fence. At this point I think we are waiting on repainting and fixing other things, besides what is necessary. We will probably attack the kitchen, necessary outside areas and the pool area and then take another few months off before handling the next projects. It’s all DIY for us so after you conquer some big projects there have to be some breaks in there.

We have seen so much progress in Chapel over the last couple of weeks. She loves to be held and tickled by mama and daddy and is just the sweetest little cuddle bug ever! She’s mastered and now loves the walker and can speed walk anywhere she wants to go. It’s the funniest thing to watch. She also is a pro at grabbing food and anything else she wants- which is such an improvement from her fears of touching anything in her early days with us. She will begin some occupational and physical therapy in the next couple of weeks. We will go to see the ENT about the possibility of cochlear implants in May. I hated to hear how far away that appointment had to be, but I’m glad we are getting in nonetheless.

There are some beautiful things on the horizon. I can’t say more about that at the moment…but we are seeing dreams come true that we have been praying on for our entire married life. God is moving and answering. I’m just in awe as I sit here in my living room and see Chapel walking joyfully around in her walker…as I hear the giggles in the next room of my other kids…as I sit and reflect on the last months and years and all that God has called us to do. He has completed so many works- so many things that man could never accomplish, and he is still working on others. I just cannot get over his unending faithfulness.

So here we are easing into spring and my heart rejoices because we are seeing so much growth and progress in our family and in our church family. It seems to be a season of growth and abundance and I simply cannot give thanks enough for that.

The land you have given me is a pleasant land. What a wonderful inheritance! Psalm 16:6