Praying and Waiting

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We are hanging out here. Waiting on some news in the adoption world. I’m trying to fill my mind with God’s word, and also trying not to check my email every five minutes…I’m pretty much failing on the last one there. :/

We know that consejo (matching meeting) is sometime this week. We do not know when. It could be Friday. It could even be Saturday. Who knows? Today it has been about three weeks since we scanned our dossier in to the agency so they could go on and forward it to Peru for translation. We are not sure if it was forwarded then or not. We know it was re-scanned in by the agency two weeks ago. We are not sure exactly when the translator received it, but we have been told she had to put other projects aside and work on our dossier, because the need was urgent for it to speedily get to DGA..

I am still praying our dossier makes it to DGA before consejo this month. I will not give up on that until they’ve already posted the consejo results. If the children have to wait another month for a family…or longer, I won’t let it be because we did not pray and believe. I refuse to stand in the way of the miraculous with doubt, just because it’s difficult to wrap one’s mind around the impossible.We still know nothing of where the other family who has shown interest in Ellie and Micheal are in the process. Their request could already be there or they could be months away from being ready to request children. Who knows? We know nothing. We just wait, declare the promises of God, and trust.

School has gone well this week. We are working out a routine more every day.  I am really excited about all of the things the kids are learning and the progress I already see in comparison to last year.

This week, we should also hear from Show Hope about whether we are approved for a grant with them. It should give us a better idea of how far we have to go in fundraising. If we receive their largest grant, we would only have about $7, 500 to go. We shall see.

God is faithful. We wait and we pray.


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  1. Believing with you, friend.