Peru, You Can Do This!

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There it is! I’m just sending a little virtual encouragement for the folks that work at the Peruvian Municipality that issues birth certificates! In case you don’t know, things work quite differently here in Peru in comparison to the U.S. A good example is, that our day of silence could have been-and was supposed to be on Monday of this week. Most businesses were open that day. But last Friday, the adoption office decided it wanted to take it’s holiday Monday-Wednesday so that made it where our day of silence had to be yesterday. We could have potentially gone and requested birth certificates yesterday except for that last minute change.

Time is slightly different here. When someone says they’ll arrive at a certain time, what they mean is that they’ll arrive in around an hour and half of the time they told you. On the other token, if they show up and you’re not ready…no biggie. It’s South America, you have all the time in the world, right?!

We know the birth certificates are done in one day here very often. It’s usually one to two days. We are praying fervently that today they are issued.

We thought we were all supposed to go to the municipality today, but yesterday we were told that the lady who was our social worker during the first few days here was bringing the documents to request the birth certificates, and she would call letting us know what they say at the office. We need them to understand our urgency here. We are sitting here twiddling our thumbs waiting on some papers they can produce today! Please…please!!

Danny put it a rather funny way. Only my Vidalia people will understand this, but essentially, for three weeks it has been like we are renting a house on Apple Street, where once a day we walk to the nearby canal to play with our kids, and once a day we walk to Vidalia Market to pick up breakfast. Somebody has to stop the madness!

But seriously, we know God is in control. We know He has asked us to pray! We ask for these documents today, so Danny and some of the kids can get home and will bring me and Yamilet and Carlos about half a week closer to home!

So our apartment is clean. Our bags are packed. We wait for the phone to ring.