Peru- The Country of my Heart, Day 2

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After a little rest at the mission we were able to go on a walk and see the Jessica House in progress. You have no idea what this meant to me. The Jessica House hits my core because my daughter could be one of those children or women on the streets, and my heart breaks for all of those still waiting for a home. The inspiration to finish my book, Take This Child, came only from knowing what I wanted to do with the proceeds- be a part of building this home. Standing on the second floor of this home in progress, felt monumental for me. But more exciting than how it felt, is knowing what God is going to do in the lives of so many broken and destitute people, right in this spot! Wow!


Later that night we were able to go out on the streets and talk with people who were out and about.  We went to the boulevard and mingled. Danny kept Salem on the mission so I could go out with the team. The place we went is where prostitutes work and even kids are sold as prostitutes. We were able to talk with several people, and we had the safe house guys with us the entire time.

We fell in love with so many of those guys. They were from the streets, and God completely changed their lives and they are going back to these same places they were from to share His love. It’s beautiful.


We went to one place where the drug addicts and street people live, and we were able to talk to a few of the people there. The safe house guys form a circle and sing songs while they beat on a drum to make their¬†presence known. People will come out of the woodwork and come and speak with them. On this night, a lady named Maria who the missionaries knew well, was brought to them by another drug addict. Maria slept on a market table at night. She was nothing more than bones. Only 45 years old, yet she looked 60. The missionaries began to hug Maria, and tell her how much they loved her. Sadly, Maria had been asking to come with them for a long time- but there was nowhere for her to stay. Women like Maria ask continuously when the Jessica House will be completed. They want a different life- but they’ve lost hope.

Even without the Jessica House, Matias and Shawn decided to go and get Maria a couple of days later and allow her to stay in a seperate room at the safe house. She did not look like she would survive another two weeks on the streets.


To be continued…