Our Final Update

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 Yesterday we received our final update on Chapel!  I was so excited to receive these photos of our sweet girl. The pictures,  information and measurements help us to be better prepared for what’s coming in the next few weeks!


(She’s looking at her mama in this picture! Made me cry!)

 From all of Chapel’s photos, it appears that she is very well cared for by the teachers in her orphanage.  They reiterated in the information that she is very timid and that she is usually very scared by new things and when they want her to try new things. They said that it takes a lot of coercing and comforting to get her to try something new. They also said that she is developmentally delayed compared to other children her age in the orphanage and they think that may be directly related to the fact that she is struggling to hear- if she is able to hear at all. They said that she has great fine motor skills and can turn pages in books and pick up small objects and things of that nature. She can take a couple of steps with help. Chapel is still not walking, although that is not altogether uncommon for children her age in large orphanages.


She is still only 19 pounds and they also mentioned that her hair was falling out and their doctor thought it was due to a vitamin deficiency.  All of her other measurements, body length and head circumference are normal for her age but she is extremely tiny. We cannot wait to have her in our arms and in our care so that we can get to the bottom of some of these current concerns.  The teachers said that she loves to look in the mirror and make faces and make herself laugh. They said that she also loves to take a bath and wash her face.  She loves to have books read to her and look at the pictures in the books. They also said that she wants her teachers to hold her all day long. That made me smile.

image image

 We are continuing to pray for her little heart to be prepared for her family. And we now are only waiting for one more thing. Travel approval! That could actually come any day this week or at the beginning of next week.  We will leave two weeks after we receive travel approval!! I seriously cannot believe it!!