On This Day Last Year

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On this day last year we traveled from Lima, Peru to Arequipa, Peru to meet our new son and daughter for the very first time.


I can still feel the rush of emotions as we prepared for Carlos and Yamilet to walk around the corner.


(The above photo is of the first time they saw us.)

Those early weeks were full of changes for us all. Carlos and Yamilet left all they’d ¬†ever known to be a part of our family. There have been rough spots and mostly sweet spots and there’s been grace for it all.

Today I can look back and say with total joy and confidence, Jesus knows exactly what He is doing. In so many ways this year feels like forever and in other ways it’s flown by. It seems like Carlos and Yamilet have always been with us. We love them just as if they were born into our family. They are a true treasure and gift. We can’t imagine life for a second without them.

God himself did these miracles- and I will proclaim them until I die. He brought us through a difficult and impossible journey and placed our son and daughter in our family. We are all changed forever because of His indescribable gifts.

“Thank you Jesus! I feel like the most blessed woman alive to get to follow you. Thank you for my children. You are so good.”