Officially Going

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Well despite all of the what ifs, we have decided to officially put it on the calendar. We will be heading West to see Carlos at the beginning of July. Our whole crew will be going and we will also be bringing our family friends Sydney and her daughter Skyler, who are more like family than friends.

We will be camping along the way. (except while we are staying close to the facility where Carlos is staying). We will go by Grand Canyon and will be within an hour of Lake Tahoe, Yosemite and The Sequoia National Forest so we are going to take the Reedlings to see all of those, as we haven’t made this trip since we were a family of five back when it was us and 3 small boys. It’s been a minute and even Josiah, Isaac and Amaus who experienced all of that as little dudes don’t remember any of it. I’m really looking forward to this trip and praying it is a fruitful time for us all. We know we need it. Plus road trips and camping are like happy go-go juice to my travel-loving soul. And… me thirsty for happy go-go with my people. It’s just very good for us all. 😀





I’ll be posting along the way, along with sharing some of our healthy camp-fire meals that I hope my kids are enjoying by then. 😀