No Doubts

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I am blown away by the miracles my Jesus does. All throughout scripture we see the human tendency to quickly forget all the miracles God performs and turn to complaining and doubting if God will show up at all.  We are such wishy-washy beings, aren’t we?

God has been reminding me of his great faithfulness right in the middle of our own present storm. Declaring the beautiful things he has done is one way I see my faith grow and I crush the tendency to let fear into the driver’s seat where only my Jesus belongs.

Did you know that Jesus took me, a broken tenth grader, out of a pit of depression, hopelessness, drugs and rebellion, and completely turned my life around? He did. He set my feet on a solid rock. I’ve never been the same. I became an unashamed Bible-thumping, Jesus freak and I still am. I’ve never once seen Jesus leave my side. I’ve never once thought about turning around. I have found real life. I love him now more than ever. He has filled my life with incredible things I never could have built out of my own strength. He is good.

Did you know that Jesus grew my family in a miraculous way? He did. He asked us to surrender our own plans and He asked us to let him grow our family the way he wanted to. That came through birth and Adoption and was so outside of us- and it has been a beautiful, broken, healing, resurrecting and completely (required) Jesus-dependent road. We wouldn’t change it for anything.

Did you know that God provided an estimated $117,000 in about 5 years to cover 4 adoptions that we didn’t have one penny to begin any one of the times God asked us to begin? He did. It was a miracle in every way.

Did you know that God has met every single need we have had as a family of 11? I mean it. Every one. When we’ve needed clothing, food, a vehicle repaired or a new vehicle altogether, therapy that insurance wouldn’t cover, a family get-away, home repairs, a way to celebrate our kids and help them know they’re valued, life-altering cochlear implant surgeries, a date night, encouragement from a friend…I could go on for days. God has done those things every. Single. Time. Every time.

See this beautiful lady beside our Chapel? This is Ms. Patricia.  At just the time we decided to begin transitioning chapel to the church nursery we also had a need for some additional nursery workers. We were sent some recommendations and Ms. Patricia was one of those. It’s downright astounding and I weep when I think about what i’m about to tell you.

Ms. Patricia just so happened to be an ASL interpreter. We found that out on the first day she came to help out in the nursery. Ms. Patricia happened to be passionate about loving on those who are deaf with the love of Jesus. Ms. Patricia immediately connected with Chapel.

Ms. Patricia is Chapel’s good friend. She signs with Chapel while also saying the words to help chapel learn. She plays with Chapel with a love and care that could only be sent by God. We didn’t even know we needed a Ms. Patricia in our lives, but God did and sent her exactly when we needed her. Would a Savior who saw that we needed something we didn’t even know we needed, forget that we need some other things that are quite blatantly in front of us? That would be craziness.

How could I doubt my God will come through on any need, trial or struggle that’s big or small? Am I that forgetful? Could I wipe away the memory of mountains moved and miraculous deeds he’s performed? I can’t. I wouldn’t dare. Because I serve the God of all hope who has come through every time, I have every reason in the world to GET MY HOPES UP that He will always continue to be my right on time Savior who shows up again.

What miraculous, unforgettable  things has the Lord done in your life that when you declare them, your faith rises up?