Mixing it up in School

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I made the executive decision as principal at Reed Academy to change things up a mite this year. We have decided to give year around schooling a try.

Year around schooling doesn’t necessarily mean that you go to school all year without stopping, and it certainly won’t mean that for us. We all need a break sometimes, and while we never cut off learning together, we do take breaks from the routine of working through our curriculim.

We will be doing a schedule of four weeks of schooling, one week off. But we will still have 3-4 weeks off for the Christmas holidays, and 6 weeks off in the summer. If we want to redeem a few weeks in our second semester for a longer break, it wouldn’t be hard to do 5-6 week intervals instead of the 4 weeks on, one off- and add a few weeks to our summer break.

I haven’t been doing this long enough to speak for a year of “year around schooling”, but I can say that having this one week off after four on is pretty super! It’s giving me the opportunity to tackle some things that aren’t possible with our schooling schedule these days. I am also hoping it will give me the opportunity to re-stock my etsy and make some pretties for The Handmaid Workshop.

So as for year around schooling (and I’m a newbie!)…so far, so good!