Make Way for Baby

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I’m feeling like we are in the final countdown. I’m seeing my mind shifting a whole lot more toward mentally prepping for birth, breastfeeding and the early days with a newborn, and I’m thrilled for that. Whether it be life or just simply the fact that we are having our ninth child, my brain has not been so geared toward these thoughts throughout this pregnancy in the same ways it has in my previous 4 pregnancies. I simply have not had the time to sit around and ponder on all of the little details and make list after list, etc.

I’m pretty excited that I have felt so much better during at least half of the second trimester, and now that I am on into the third trimester, I am feeling pretty all-around super. Those who are close to me know that there has been some discrepancy between the date I thought was my original EDD, and where it turns out I must actually be. oops. Again, I blame it on life. Dates in general have not been something I have been able to get hung up on in my pregnancies, as I generally tend to have 42 week pregnancies, at least. I am certainly not a fan of unnecessary medical induction (any induction that is beyond necessary for the serious safety of mom and baby) and so we have just geared up our minds to wait for baby to get here since I wasn’t the best at keeping up with the details at the beginning of this pregnancy.

But according to what my midwife thinks and what early ultrasound showed, and with the slightest detail of where I am now measuring…our baby should be making his appearance around mid Mayish. Knowing me…it should be late May. But of course, nesting brain is setting in and I feel the need to tell myself that I have to have all things in place just in case our little guy decides to appear before that 42 week mark. Being actually ready for anything and the possibility of a baby in early May means being ready for our baby in around nine weeks. Say what?! It still feels absolutely surreal that a new little treasure will be joining our crew. Our kids are so excited! So are we!

It has been five years since I have given birth and had a newborn. It is the longest span since Danny and I have been married that we have gone without having a newborn, although we have added three more treasures to our family during this five years. But I honestly can’t fully remember what it’s like to give birth, nurse a baby and have a newborn. Five years is quite a long time, and I have been really removed from the birth and nursing community I was so engrossed in during the years prior to this five year span. At one time I was very involved in the natural birth and breastfeeding community, and served as a birth doula before we began to grow our family through adoption. I love birth. I love birth-work. But now I am in crash course mode as I gear my brain back towards all of these arenas I have stepped out of for so long.

I feel like I am relearning so much.

I haven’t eaten and exercised with the perfection I’d dreamed of prior to this pregnancy, but generally speaking, I have done my best to eat healthy and have continued to work out. In my early pregnancy I kept doing insanity and some similar workouts, and then I have mostly morphed into a walking routine now. Unlike in my other pregnancies, I have tried to stay on top of my carb intake. Apparently really high carbs have a lot to do with growing huge babies and my last two babes were pushing 11 lbs. While those births and pregnancies went well, it is more taxing on the body to grow an 11 pounder and it a little more challenging for a baby that size to get in optimal birthing position. I’m not one to freak out about big babies…but if lowering my carbs will make more like an eight pounder, I’m game. We’ll see how that all pans out on birth-day.

I’m upping my vitamins from just prenatal and magnesium and iron, to adding a good probiotic and some calcium to the daily mix now. And I’m trying to be a lot more alert about how many carbs I’m taking in. I’ve really tried to watch this, but then have the occasional king cake or pizza binge. As lame as it sounds, I’m trying to hold off on the major carbs as well as possible and then I may just freeze and inhale a whole king (or two- haha) cake as an after labor and birth celebration. Sounds nice. And I probably won’t share. haha!

It’s amazing how much your list for things you think you need before a newborn goes dramatically down with each child. It only dawned on me a few weeks ago that our little guy had only around three sets of clothes/or pjs to wear! haha! I was so ahead of my game the last time around. I’ve since bought another little outfit or two, some cute little bandana bibs and I’m scheming on a new stash on bumgenius nappies for our guy. In lots of ways I feel better about the fact that we’ve waited. It will give me something to think about during that eternal, final few weeks.

In the meantime I am trying to get house things checked off of the list. We have finally almost finished our kitchen and living room. It was by far the biggest project we’ve taken on and we’ve been working on it for about 2 years. It involved removing a room, putting down wood floors, some new sheetrock in areas, building cabinets and an island, and lots and lots of paint. We are about three hours from calling the project complete. I’m so excited about that, I might throw a party.

We have some pretty major issues to tackle in our bathroom now- including replacing the entire floor and gutting it. That begins this week. There’s been a bad leak there for quite sometime and it’s to the point of needing to start over from the ground up. Hopefully we can call the inside of the house done by May. We are inches away from that mark compared to where we began! Pics coming soon of living room and kitchen.

After May we will start on the outside of the house. We have some huge structural issues to tackle. We live in a 120 year old plantation house and the major floor supports that hold up the floor and roof need to be replaced, as several of them are rotten. Then we will replace rotting porch boards and porch ceiling boards, and replace the roof. It’s easier to think of these things in bite-sized portions than looking at them all at once, or it would be quite overwhelming. There’s grace for every little DIY step, right? Good thing we are certainly called to a work of restoration in every little corner of our lives…down to the floorboards!


For now, we aim towards May- and are so grateful for the blessing of cherishing and loving a new little one. Very excited! <3