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Today we received some very exciting news! We are officially LID! That is: logged in dossier!  Exactly one week from when our dossier was mailed, our paperwork is logged in and in the process of being sent to the appropriate department for review in Ch*na! That is incredibly fast!

From following others, it appears that people receive their letter of acceptance from Ch*na anywhere ranging from a super early 20 day wait- to a three month wait. It could happen anywhere in that timeframe. That is incredibly exciting! But we know God has the perfect time in mind.  As soon as we receive the letter of acceptance we will be able to file our I800 with immigration in the United States, and typically travel is very quickly from that point.

We  have one more agency payment due once we receive the letter of acceptance. That agency payment is $3000. Then our only other fees will be in country travel and flights. China requires that we also make an orphanage donation. So all of travel and the orphanage donation will likely hit us at about $12,000, and then there will be about $3500-$4000 in plane tickets. So we are roughly $16,000 from completely paying for this adoption process.  Our friends have planned a big softball tournament to benefit our adoption process and it is coming up in only a few weeks! We have applied for a couple of grants  and I have another idea brewing that will require a good bit of elbow grease on my part- but I am excited about the possibility!

Please pray for our family. That God will direct us and show us what he would have us do in the coming 2 to 3 months as we prepare to bring Chapel home, forever. <3

We are now due for an update on our sweet Chapel! I am able to send 10 questions to have answered about her and I will also receive new photos and video! I am so thrilled!