Keeping School Cool

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Life over the last few weeks has consisted primarily of school. As you can imagine, it takes quite a lengthy amount of time to homeschool six different children, at different ages, a couple of different languages, and different developmental stages.   It’s a pretty full day!

It’s been quite sometime since I schooled in an effort to mimic a regular school setting. I, like many homeschool moms, began homeschooling with the thought that I would exactly mimic what was going on in a regular school setting. But of course as time moved on, I discovered that there were so many different ways that I could approach learning, because I was working on a much smaller scale than a regular school would be.

After our first week of school this year, I realized that I was certainly going to have to shift some things around.  I’ve had to do this every year, I’m sure, in the nine years we have been schooling.

Many homeschool curriculums boast that they offer an easy way for you to school several different children at different age and grade levels all together. I’ve tried several of these and have found that it’s just as much work as doing several different curriculums.  After spending our first week checking off a list, and having absolutely no extra time to delve into topics that the kids were overly interested in, after having no time for extra hands-on projects, after finishing at around 6:30pm…I decided that we have to change some things.   If we can’t have a fun time learning then it’s time to hang up our hats.

I made the executive decision to work out some unit studies on different inventors throughout history. We are beginning with Archimedes in Greece. We will study all about that era, the culture, and the inventions that Archimedes made.  We will be building our own Archimedes screw this week, and the kids will have some fun out in the yard with different kinds of levers. Yamilet  is pretty excited about trying to make some early Greek clothing, jewelry, and food too!  Already there has been a definite shift and there is a new excitement to learn!


By combining history, science, and grammar (because they will have to journal and write a report about everything they learn)-  we have simplified a good bit of our day. This will include learning about different parts of speech and improving our wr  I am pretty pumped to work our way through history, highlighting some of the greatest scientists and inventors! It’s going to be pretty sweet!