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Wow. God is good! Today, as we’ve done every day for a few weeks, we checked on flight deals out west. And today as God would have it, there were the best deals we’ve seen yet. Seriously, if you’re thinking of taking a trip somewhere you should check July dates today! (Like $69 one way kind of deals all over the country! Go check it out!)

Danny and I will leave in a few weeks to go and see our son Carlos. We will be flying Spirit airlines, which I’ve yet to do before, but leg room or no leg room- I’m stoked. If you’ve flown Spirit before you know you pay only for what you want. It starts with only the basics and you can pay for extras like snacks and luggage if you want to add it. We are traveling with just our backpacks and our little Cedar man into Sacramento and then we will fly out of Vegas. (Spirit has no return flights from Sacramento to New Orleans yet). I’m eager to see how this is going to go. I always love the idea of minimalist packing, but I’m scarcely ever able to produce on it! haha! This time I have to…so here goes nothing!


Thanks so much for the prayers, y’all. <3 We will continue to pray for the rest of the details of the trip to fall into place!

See how faithful God is! He knows the need and has figured the solution before we ever realize it!

O God, your ways are holy.

Is there any god as mighty as you?

You are the God of great wonders!

You demonstrate your awesome power among the nations.

-Psalm 77:13-14