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We’d like to introduce you to our daughter-to-be! We are naming her Chapel. <3


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Chapel has already stolen all of our hearts. She is one year old and she has a condition called microtia. She has no outer ears. but her inner ears are developed and according to her file, she can hear. She turns to her name, repeats at least one Ch*nese word and turns toward sounds. It is actually extremely rare for a child with microtia to not be able to hear because the inner ear and outer ear develop at different times in utero. However, many kids with microtia may benefit from cochlear implants and/or ear prosthesis to help them hear more clearly. There is a wonderful clinic in our state that specializes in microtia and when we are home with Chapel we will be going to this clinic to have her evaluated. Chapel also has a hand deformity and has six fingers on one of her hands. We will be visiting a different clinic to assess what is best for her hand motor development and go from there. She grasps toys, passes them from one to another, laughs a lot, and loves to be read to.

We are awaiting new photos and information any time now, and we can’t wait!!

We are currently learning sign language as an early means of communicating, and that is also a part of our training and prep, so that we can be prepared regardless of the extent of Chapel’s hearing ability when we arrive home. Sometimes file information is incorrect, and we are not dumb to that fact. But after talking to medical professionals and others who work with children who have microtia, it is very uncommon for a child with microtia to be deaf- so much so that these professionals cannot understand why we are learning sign language. However, we feel like God wants us to learn and sign language can be very beneficial for all babies to communicate, especially those who have been immersed in another language. God seriously did something cool to pave the way for us to learn sign language and I will share more about that later.

We can share a photo of our sweetie but we cannot share other details about her location, ch*nese name or birthday, etc.  As I began praying over Chapel some months back, while I was praying the word “happy” kept coming to mind. I told Danny about it because it was to the extent that I mentioned naming her something that meant happy. A little later we were out of town one day and I made a quick Target run. Before running inside I said to myself, “If I find a little outfit in here that I think will be around her size when we complete this process for $2-$4 on the sale rack, I’m so getting it!”

So as the Lord would have it, I went straight to the toddler girl clothes, and there was one outfit on the sale rack in the size I was looking for (18m-2T)! This is it. It was $4. 🙂


(If the above photo is sideways- I apologize! I’m having a weird problem with my website and when I upload photos from my phone, they’re usually sideways when viewed on a cellphone, no matter how much editing I do. I’m trying to get to the bottom of the issue. :/ )

Only God. The coolness continues. After researching what her Ch*nese names mean, we discovered what her middle name means. That’s right. Happy. We will keep her middle name.

We are praying daily for our little Chapel. That loving hands would be caring for her every day. That people that work in her orphanage will take those critical moments to hold her and interact with her. We are praying that she begins to grow and thrive more and more. While her head and body measurements are on target for her age, she weighs only 14 lbs at one year. That is extremely tiny for a baby from most any race. So I am praying she is getting all that she needs right now to grow and develop. We are praying for God to clear the path and provide for all that is necessary ahead to bring Chapel home quickly. 🙂