I Want To Be Like Woogie.

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My life has changed a lot in the last six months. A whole, whole lot. Prior to the last six months, the previous ten years of my life had been spent homeschooling my kids full time. As many of you know, around six months ago we made the very hard decision to put our six oldest children in school. They’ve all adjusted well and while the transition was difficult- God has been at work in the middle of it all.

It’s been quite a few years since there’s only been a couple of children at home with me during the day. It feels like an eternity ago. I’m enjoying the time I have with Salem and Chapel while our oldest Reedlings are in school. It’s a lot of fun to watch Salem grow into a curious and adventurous little boy and Chapel progress into exploring and growing in her life and family, as a child should feel confident and safe enough to do. In the blur of the last five years or so, I’ve had fewer minutes to soak up the awareness that these sweet treasures God has entrusted me with just won’t be little forever. I am fervently trying to absorb this season- especially because I can see the large shadows of my oldest children over their little siblings and I realize that I’ve barely blinked and the years have passed.

As I watch my Salem MatÌas grow into a bigger boy, my heart melts. It’s like an easy going, extroverted little stunt man has emerged from it’s formerly introverted and slightly muted shell.

Here Woogie is, practicing his wink

He has become the funniest little dude. He talks non-stop. To anyone. We’ve had a nice man doing some construction work in our kitchen and I’m not sure how he gets anything at all done. Salem has a ton to tell him about every day. Tonight when we were on the way to take Yami to ballet, she was telling me something and Salem told her, “Yamilet. Stop talking. I want to talk.” haha! If he can’t think of anything to say he starts naming off random dinosaurs and moving his hands around a good bit. After all, isn’t that what grown-ups do?

A couple of weeks ago Salem and I got to talking about his grandaddy and meme who both went to heaven to be with Jesus in the last year. A little later he hurt himself doing something and we stopped to ask Jesus to help him. It wasn’t long before he walked into the room with one of his big brother’s yo-yos. He had the largest grin plastered on his face as he told me, “Look! Jesus gave it to me!!”  He’d actually taken it out of his brother’s backpack but I guess he figured if Jesus was taking care of his grandaddy and meme, and his ouchies, he was also okay with giving him his brother’s yoyo. #fouryearoldtheology

About 2 1/2 weeks ago Salem was in a race with our German shepherd, Leia, up our driveway when things went bad. I’m not sure if Leia jumped on his bike like he’s claimed or if she changed lanes on him mid-race but either way, he fell off of his bike and it landed us in the emergency room with a broken arm. He cried at first and when it was moved. After it was splinted- he never once complained.

And he hasn’t complained about the splint or the cast once. Seriously. Not once. He’s now been splinted/casted for three weeks and he’s just rolled on with his daily routine of reading dinosaur books with mama, racing Leia on his bike (the arm didn’t phase him), wading in mud puddles and being content with it all.

How can a little guy like him with a nearly full arm cast bent at 90 degrees not be uncomfortable and feel debilitated by not being able to use that arm much? How can he continue on his mission to find fun, laugh away his day and make sure he stays very dirty while doing it? Somehow I think he has a knowledge that I sometimes find myself forgetting in the doings of daily life. He’s at peace knowing that everything is going to be okay. He’s got his family, his bed, his bike and his dog…and since things have always been taken care of- why wouldn’t they be now?

I’ve complained about his cast a good bit. About getting hit in the head with it and about him attempting to bear hug his little sister with it a million (or close) times a day. He just keeps doing the Woogie life.

Sometimes we as adults like to talk about our carefree days as a child and we forget what it was that made those days so free and peaceful. It was the simple trust that all was going to be okay.

When I see the great line of God’s faithfulness behind me- what do I have to fear?! When I turn around I see some immense impossibilities that God himself brought crumbling down to plant our family right where it is, in this time and in this place. How can I allow simple daily issues to throw my drawers in a wad and cause me to forget where Jesus has brought me from and the miracles I’ve seen him perform over and over again in His great love?

I want to wake up and know that it’s all taken care of because I am in the hands of a loving God. Not just in the big life change issues but in the little tiny things that I often let get to me. I want to be so unmoved by temporary light afflictions that they don’t stand a chance at stealing my joy. I want to go on about God’s business undeterred when my schedule and to-do list gets lost in a pile of supposed inconveniences.

I want to be like Woogie. Woogie who just keeps tossing back his long-haired head in laughter and lugging around his dinosaur-clad cast (His papaw tattoo’d a t-rex on his cast that he’s pretty proud of) like nothing ever went wrong.

If God is for me, who can be against me? What do I have to worry about? Nothing. Nothing at all.

PS. Totally off topic but, Is it just me or is there a striking resemblance in Salem and this random little girl on the right?


It’s me. ; ) Maybe one of my kids does look like me after all.