I Survived Strep-maggeden 2017

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Me-oh-my! September is almost over and I still haven’t even finished blogging about our July vacation. haha! All I can do is laugh about things like this these days, things I probably used to guilt myself about. Life has been just a little bit crazy since school began for our Reedlings. And only a couple of weeks after school started the sickness began at our house and we are literally just now finding ourselves at the end of it. This has undoubtedly been the sickest we as a family have ever been.

Salem and I were the first to get strep-throat- and then a flu-like virus ran it’s way through our entire family (except Carlos). Carlos never caught strep or the virus. I will forever-more call him Sir Immune System of Steel. This flu-like virus kept each of us who caught it down for about two weeks. One week consisted of us barely being able to move above sitting, laying and moaning and then a second week of barely being able to move from weakness. It also brought on some secondary yuck stuff. Salem ended up sick a third time with an ear infection. Danny has never fully bounced back so I finally convinced him to head to see the doc and he actually has pneumonia. He’s on meds and breathing treatments now. We are praying he bounces back quickly. Needless to say, this season will be gladly waved goodbye to and saying hello to the next season is welcomed with open arms!

In the middle of all of this craziness we have still had doctor appointments for Chapel in prep for her cochlear implant surgery. ¬†Without going into all of the tiny details, the ENT who will be performing the surgery ordered some tests for Chapel. One of the tests is called an EMG. It’s a nerve test that gives a better picture of the nerve functionality in Chapel’s facial and auditory nerves. I knew very little about the test at all when the ENT first mentioned it. Our ENT had referred out for this test because no one did it in the hospital he works in. We drove a few hours out of town for this scheduled test only to find out that the appointment had been cancelled and the office forgot to call and let us know. It was cancelled because the neurologist would not perform the test on a child Chapel’s age. ¬†Turns out that they’ve been unable to find a neurologist willing to do it. In the meantime I found out more about this nerve test. The reason these neurologists won’t perform the test is because it is very painful and the patient cannot be sedated for it. Actual needles are placed in the nerves and the nerves are stimulated. I also would not be able to stay with Chapel for this test. The more I have learned about this test the worse I have felt about it. I can’t imagine what she’d be thinking for me to leave her while she was tortured with needles.

I began to pray that they wouldn’t find anyone to do this and that our ENT would decide to forego this pre-cochlear requirement. As of now- that’s what it looks like is going to happen (Praise God!) and I couldn’t be more relieved! Chapel has to have another sedated CAT scan and ABR hearing test and then we meet with the ENT towards the beginning of October to begin our plan for cochlear implant surgery. I go tomorrow (the test is a few hours out of town) to be ready to get to the hospital early Monday morning for this sedated CAT scan.

We’ve also gone to see a nerve specialist who is a plastic surgeon. She specializes in helping people regain motion in their face where there is facial paralysis. This surgery isn’t normally done earlier than six years old, but a muscle is removed from the inner thigh and placed in the cheek where it is sort of grafted to the jaw, allowing the person to move and use their face and smile and use both sides of their mouth! Isn’t that cool?

I’m happy to say that after this test Monday, the appointments are getting a little more spread out for us for a while. We need that.

We are all pumped about fall and watching Carlos play some football and the many other exciting things that are right around the corner. We are setting our sights in that direction and so, so grateful to be finally getting well. <3

I plan to finally finish out blogging about our vacation this week, so I can move onto writing about other things that have really been hitting my heart! I miss having this place to share what Jesus is doing. I’m working on getting back into the groove.