How Many Weeks? (and other pregnancy ramblings)

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I haven’t done the best keeping up with weeks and such during this first trimester. I can’t say in honesty that I’ve been on top of my game in all areas. The last few months have been a doozy. I have caught what feels like every sickness I’ve been exposed to. Ha! I’ve never been sick this much in my entire life.

It began with a terrible round of strep throat and then after a couple of weeks I caught some kind of fever/flu-like virus. That lasted for two weeks. The last round has been a sinus, fever, cough and headache deal. I’m thrilled to say that I think I’m on the upswing now. This last few months has also been laced with some of the worst first trimester nausea I’ve ever had. Phew.

But in it all, I am blown away with thanks that we have this privilege again. I am so grateful. I felt the first little kick only yesterday, and last week got to hear the heartbeat and see our sweet little one wiggling around on ultrasound. I couldn’t help but cry. What a miracle.

Our other Reedlings are so excited. Salem is full of questions. Right after I explained to him all about the fact that I have a baby in my belly, someone pulled up in our driveway. Salem ran out on the porch and began proclaiming loudly over and over, “My mama has a baby in her belly!! My mama has a baby in her belly!” He wouldn’t let it rest until they had responded fully with what he felt was the necessary excitement.

We will forever remember the last few months as Strepmagedden 2017, and because it feels like these few months were sucked into some hazy space, I simply haven’t kept up with how far along I am very well. I only had my first visit with an OB last week- and she measured the baby via ultrasound (not always accurate)  and said I was 11.5 weeks along. I’m actually pretty certain that can’t be accurate, but since I truly haven’t done my job to keep up with dates, what’s there to say? This is only important because I have 42 week pregnancies and I don’t need the pressure of adding a couple of weeks to that timeline to fend off unnecessary inductions and the like…but I’m just going to pray over that and not let it worry me.

I’ll begin visits with my midwife next week and won’t be back for another ultrasound until around five months or so. Baby Reed is growing fast and I am glad to be feeling better in all areas. Eating the right things when you aren’t feeling great is a huge challenge. Thankfully, except in the weeks of serious sick, I’ve been able to exercise which hopefully has combatted some of this bad eating.


haha! My only belly shot. I’ll try to do better the next time!

I’m so looking forward to refreshing myself on all things pregnancy and birth; truly some of my most favorite subjects. I have missed being a doula. There’s scarcely anything as raw and spectacular as the miracle of life growing and coming forth. I am looking forward to midwifery care and all that entails. But of course, most of all, I’m looking forward to holding another sweet treasure in my arms. <3