How Easily I Forget

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I woke up with two words burning in my spirit this morning.

“Praise Me!”

“But God…But, But…I was up five times last night on day four of a stomach bug from the pit itself.”

“Praise Me!”

“But God…In the next two weeks I have four huge fundraisers that I’ve got to get ready for! How am I going to do that?! My house looks like a pig-pen! I have school to do with the kids. Oh, and that’s in between the bathroom breaks. God, I’ve got to get ready to go out of town tomorrow to take care of some paperwork. God, I’m seriously in the deficit right now. How am I ever going to accomplish all that needs accomplishing?”

“Praise Me. Your to-do list, your feelings, your burdens…why do you resort to giving me these excuses? Have I not called you? Have I not provided infinitly above all of your expectations? Why won’t you trust Me?”

Ouch. This is what I believe God reminded me of  so loudly this morning. How do I forget so easily?  Why do we choose grumbling and complaining? It doesn’t change circumstances. It doesn’t  shift anything. It only makes us feel worse.

Praising God in the middle of trials outwardly declares, “God, I trust you and all that you’re doing!” That’s called faith.

Grumbling and complaining outwardly declares, “I would do a much better job with circumstances if I was in charge, Lord!” That’s called unbelief.

Only one of these two things moves mountains, tears down walls, and defeats giants.

Sometimes we forget simple things. I had not even realized I’d allowed doubt to creep in, until the Holy Spirit brought it to my attention this morning. I’ve repented, and there’s already a shift going on in my home.

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. -Hebrews 10:23