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It’s that time again! I just placed an order for a ton of books for our 2014/2015 school year!! Yee-haw! I can honestly say, I do feel excited and rested up, ready to begin our 7th year of homeschooling! Have that many years gone by?! Wow!

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Looking back, our homeschooling ideals and goals have changed so much through the years. From attempting to mirror a regular school model at home, to the much more diverse animal we have now become…I’ve learned so much, and still have a ton to learn yet.

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This year, more than any year before, I have tailored our goals and ordered supplies and books that I feel will be more beneficial to each child in our family, individually. While teaming up on certain subjects is very helpful for large families, all of my children are so different from one another in their strengths and interests and I want their hunger for learning to grow- not be held back by a sibling who is not interested in a particular subject, or dragged forward by a sibling who is very driven in one area that they are not necessarily driven in.

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This year we are going to really work on our writing for Josiah, Isaac, Amaus, and even Camila. There are areas that need significant work for all of them. Josiah is getting into more complex subjects in science and math. He is learning more algebra and geometry. I’m sure I’ll be re-learning a ton of stuff in my most favorite subject! :/ Isaac will be jumping into some more stretching literature and science, and Amaus will be reading longer books himself- along with working on his writing. Camila will be learning how to write letters, and hopefully words by the end of the year. She will also be working more on letter sounds, and I am praying for huge progress in her, to the point of being able to sound out some simple words by the end of the year. She is also beginning some speech therapy this year. We will be working on stretching her expressive/conversational speech more and more.

I am researching options for our Ellie and Micheal. I would love to find some kind of computer program for our first year schooling them. Something that would enable them to do their subjects in Spanish, and I could check them in English. I am coming up empty handed as I research this option. I am also looking into an in-home tutor a few times a week who is fluent in Spanish. I’m working on my Spanish like a mad-dog, but I know I’ll need to tap into some outside resources, at least for the early days.

I believe we’ll make big, fun strides this year. I couldn’t be more excited! Here’s to a year where each of children develop more into what God has created them to be, strengthening areas that need strengthening- and enriching parts of their minds that will be beneficial to whatever path God leads them down! Home School Year 2014/2015…HERE WE COME!

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  1. If marguerite gray is still around, she’d be a good Spanish tutor. When she taught at Huntington, her husband was the pastor of FBCF. He may still be. I’m not sure.