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Very late last night we arrived in Guangzhou! Chapel did so well on the flight and I was overjoyed. She did start crying with stomach issues at the very end of the flight and I felt awful for her. By the time we landed she was asleep.

It was around 2am by the time we got in the bed. We completely crashed. Our hotel is beautiful! And huge! It’s the Garden Hotel and it’s full of shops, restaurants, and has a coffee shop and play area. It has a beautiful park with a waterfall and garden. img_1169



Bright and early this morning we met 8 other adoptive families from our agency and we all went together to have our children receive their health check ups required for them to receive their visas. It has been really neat to make connections with these other adoptive parents. I met one couple this morning who were adopting a little girl with the exact same special need as Chapel. She had bilateral microtia and also her parents noticed the same paralysis on one side of the face just like we’ve noticed with Chapel when she smiles and frowns.

Honestly, seeing the other adoptive parents was the one good thing about the doctor check up. Seeing so many adoptive parents of all different ages and walks of life was encouraging. People ranging in age from their thirties to late fifties. People who’ve adopted before and people who’ve never adopted before. People who work as bankers, teachers and construction workers, and nurses. Single, first time parents, stay at home moms and those with large families. All who’ve jumped the hoops and surrendered their lives to the work and blessing of adding to their family through adoption. That right there blesses me to no end. All of those people had hurdles and probably so much they could have let stop them- but they pushed on to grow their families through adoption. What a beautiful sight.

The doctor visit was pretty trumatic. Chapel had to be taken without me into a room to have blood drawn and she seriously was terrified.  In fact, she was terrified by not being able to face me and having to turn outward towards a stranger too. It really broke my heart. I was more than glad when it was time to leave there and we could check that off of the list. This afternoon we had to get our consulate paperwork completed and we are now set on go for the appointment on Tuesday.

Yesterday evening  I noticed that Chapel seemed to want some of the food I was eating at the airport. I wish I could express how huge that is but she was so terrified of food and spoons until a few days ago that it would send her into a panic. Bottles were all she’d have anything to so with. A couple of days ago I did finally get her to eat a runny soup with a spoon. So last night she very willingly took some of the broth off of a vegetable I was eating with my meal. That’s big because it was new and she doesn’t seem to like trying new things. Then this afternoon I brought up a sort of meat pie from downstairs. It had a much thicker, bread like texture and she began reaching for it and opening her mouth to eat it. She loved it! It was, I’m pretty sure, the first time she’s ever eaten anything that solid, so she’s basically learning how to chew. Each bite probably takes her about 5 minutes to break down and swallow but she was all about it! And then tonight when she saw my food she began reaching and kicking her legs excitedly. It was the cutest thing. She wasn’t a fan of sweet and sour chicken. Ha!

Chapel is just doing so well. She giggles and laughs and is soaking up every minute of affection. She’s such a sweetie! I can’t wait for her daddy and brothers and sisters to meet her! For those praying for us- thank you so much. God hears and we are seeing such big leaps from Chapel!