Good News and Great Peace!

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I wish that I could fully express the peace that God has put inside of me about the upcoming few weeks. I am so grateful and thank you, friends, for praying for me and for our family. Danny and I decided some six years ago when God first directed us to adopt, that we would always be transparent and down to earth about the process and about the ways we are required to trust God to bring our children home. Maybe that’s a little too raw for some people, but we learned this from reading about the life of George Mueller. We want people to know and understand that God can work through and use anyone if they are willing to surrender. Period. This man, George Mueller, followed Jesus and built orphanages completely trusting God to provide for over 10,000 orphans in his lifetime without ever having a single penny to begin. He recorded every detail of God’s provision, too. People came to know Jesus by seeing the intricate ways God worked to bring about the impossible.

It’s a beautiful and wonderful story and a great reminder that God is always at work in the details. We have personally never felt impressed that God would have us ask anyone for money during the adoption process. God directs people differently and there is nothing wrong with that! Others have advocated and fundraised for us and we are super, super grateful for that. We’ve always done our best to take what we call the Mueller approach. Pray for the impossible. Work our booties off making things people would probably like or be buying anyway, and continue giving. And God has always, always, always provided for us in immeasurable ways. And the peace that passes all understanding is very present in my thoughts and heart right now. Everything is going to be A-OK. My Lord sits on the throne and He is bringing my daughter Chapel home.

Yesterday I got some good news! There will be no delay regarding the name issue I mentioned in my previous post! Our Article 5 was dropped off Tuesday (Ch*na time!)! So that means that we should be able to correct the name issue during this two weeks and we could very possibly have travel approval within THREE WEEKS!! I can hardly believe it. My mind is busy thinking of details of packing and getting meals frozen for my Reeds that will be on the home-front. So many exciting things are right around the corner!